Vibration Dampening Dial Thermometers Datasheets

Bimetal Thermometers
from Ashcroft Inc.

The Ashcroft ® bimetallic thermometer provides high quality and performance. An ideal choice for accurate temperature measurement. Key Features: Robust, hermetically sealed stainless steel case. External adjustment allows quick, limited span adjustments;. reduces maintenance and recalibration... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: Vibration Dampening
  • Range: -80 to 1000
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Fahrenheit
  • Thermometer Type: Bimetal
Model AA-375R (-10 to 110C)
from Kessler Instruments Inc.

3" head diameter, adjustable angle, industrial, viewing at any angle [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: Zero adjustment; NPT fitting; Probe; Designed for use with Thermowell (optional feature); Direct Immersion; Vibration Dampening
  • Range: -10 to 110
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Celsius/Centigrade
  • Divisions: 1
from Swagelok Company

Dampened-Movement Bimetal Thermometers. Swagelok ® thermometers are actuated by a bimetal helix coil. Silicone-free gel dampens vibration effects, and cases are hermetically sealed in accordance with ASME B40.200 to prevent fogging and moisture damage to internal components. Features: Acrylic,... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: NPT fitting; Probe; Vibration Dampening
  • Range: 150 to 750
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Fahrenheit; Celsius/Centigrade
  • Range: 65 to 400
AA-375R Industrial Thermometer
from Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company

Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company is a World-Class manufacturer of bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, and transmitters. Our focus has always been to meet customers' requirements with quality products, leading technology and responsive service. Our products are available through a network of... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: Zero adjustment; Probe; Vibration Dampening
  • Range: -100 to 100
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Fahrenheit
  • Divisions: 2
800 Series Thermometer With External Indication
from United Electric Controls Company

For applications that require a visual display of process temperature and set point, the 800 Series offers a highly readable four inch setting/indication scale. It is available in two versions: a Lexan ® enclosure for enclosure type 1 or 4 applications (with option M300), and with Lexan ®... [See More]

  • Configuration/ Features: Probe; Explosion Proof (optional feature); Flexible Capillary; Vibration Dampening
  • Range: -180 to 500
  • Display / Scale Characteristics: Fahrenheit; Celsius/Centigrade
  • Divisions: 5 to 10