MD Plus Series DC Drive / Tachometer -- MD40P-420-1/2HP
from Dart Controls, Inc.

The MD plus is a field-programmable closed loop DC drive system employing an advanced velocity-form PID algorithm for accurate and responsive control. The MD plus system also features a unique, isolated 4-20mA input and output for easy integration with existing Process Control systems. The MD plus... [See More]

  • Product: Speed Controller; Variable Speed
  • AC Input: 120
  • Axes: 1.0
  • Phase  : Single Phase
DRAGON Motor Control System -- Single Axis, High Voltage
from ESI Motion

Our controller and power drivers are the smallest and highest performing in the market, exhibiting high current loop bandwidth performance and negligible harmonic distortion. The DRAGON enclosure is among the highest in quality and power density. Feature highlights include: Sealed, submersible... [See More]

  • Product: Speed Controller
  • Motor / System: DC Brushed (optional feature); DC Brushless (optional feature)
  • Axes: 1.0
  • AC Input: 10 to 800
DeviceNet Actuator Controller
from Rotork plc

DeviceNet is an Open Network Standard for communication networks using the main features of CAN bus in an industrial environment. The Rotork DeviceNet interface module provides easy access to actuator process control and feedback information. The Electronic Data Sheet description file is used to set... [See More]

  • Axes: 1.0
  • Operating Mode: Position; Analog
  • Setup: Computer
  • Configuration: PC Board; Panel Mount
3-Phase DC Motor Predriver -- A4931
from Allegro MicroSystems, LLC

Drives 6 N-channel MOSFETs , PWM current limiting [See More]

  • Product: Pulse Width Modulation Drive
  • Motor / System: DC Brushless
  • Axes: 1.0
  • Phase  : Three Phase
2 Amp Single Channel H-Bridge -- CVHB-201
from Critical Velocity Enterprises, LLC

Designed with the serious builder in mind, this H-bridge provides 2 Amps continuous with no need for heatsinks. Competing controllers dissipate as much as 26 watts of heat at 2 amps, requiring massive heat sinks to prevent them from burning up. Our efficient H-bridge will save you power and weight... [See More]

  • Motor / System: DC Brushed
  • Power: 56
  • DC Input: 7 to 28
  • Voltage: 7 to 28