EATON CUTLER HAMMER - ELC-EX08NNDT-1 - Programmable Logic Controller -- 354292 [ELC-EX08NNDT-1 from Eaton Corp. / Commercial Controls Division]
from 1-Source Electronic Components

Programmable Logic Controller. For Use With:Eaton ELC Controllers. Signal Input Type:DC. Output Type:Transistor. No. of Inputs:4. No. of Outputs:4 [See More]

  • Input: DC Input
  • Outputs: 4
  • Inputs: 4
  • Output: Transistor Output
from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

MicroLogix 1000 10 Point Controller [See More]

  • Input: DC Input
  • Output: Relay Output
  • Maximum Channels: 6
  • Computer Interface Options: RS-232
Programmable Logic Controller 10 I/O Timer, Counter, Display 24VDC 4 VA 100-240VAC 50/60 HZ -- 40026390865-1 [88974141 from Crouzet]
from Carlton-Bates Company

PLC Programmable Controllers: Type - Programmable Logic Controller; I/O - 10; Digital Inputs - 6 24VDC; Digital Outputs - 4 Relay; Analog Inputs - 0-10 VDC/0-20 mA; Input Real Power - 4 VA @ 100-240VAC 50/60 HZ; Voltage - 24VDC; Memory - FLASH EEPROM, 368 Bits, 200 Word Data ; Programming - WindLDR;... [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; Analog Input
  • Outputs: 4
  • Inputs: 6
  • Maximum Channels: 10
CP1H -- CP1H-X40DT1-D [CP1H-X40DT1-D from OMRON Automation and Safety]
from European Automation

High-Performance PLC Offers High-Speed Counters, Pulse Outputs and Analog Inputs/Outputs [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; AC Input
  • Inputs: 2
  • Total Points: 40
  • Outputs: 16
Compact Programmable Logic Controller -- FX3G
from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

The FX3G is an introductory compact PLC and is the newest addition to the FX3 series, designed for simple yet performance-critical applications. Incorporating innovative FX3 series technology the customer is presented with a suite of benefits. Features: • 3rd Generation Compact PLC. •... [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; AC Input
  • Inputs: 36
  • Total Points: 60
  • Outputs: 24
ELC Programmable Logic Controllers -- ELC-PLC Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The Eaton Logic Controller (ELC) is Eaton Cutler-Hammer's latest offering into the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) market. Less than half the size of a typical brick PLC, the ELC is a micro-PLC with features previously found only in larger, much more expensive rack-mount PLCs: Built-in digital... [See More]

  • Input: DC Input (optional feature); AC Input (optional feature)
  • Inputs: 8
  • Total Points: 14
  • Outputs: 6
Hawk-I Programmable Logic Controller -- 8632C
from AMOT

App: engines, turbines, motors, small scale automation, PID loop cont. [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; Analog Input; Thermocouple Input; RTD Input
  • Outputs: 24
  • Inputs: 32
  • Expandable: Expandable
Bus Terminal Controller -- BC2000
from Beckhoff Automation LLC

e I/O signals are wired in a decentralised way to fieldbus devices or centrally to the controller. The available manufacturer-specific fieldbus devices with fixed input/output configurations and design often make it necessary to use an entire group of devices with similar functions. This costly... [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; Analog Input
  • Expandable: Expandable
  • Outputs: 64
  • Output: Lightbus
2600 Series Controller -- Model 2600XM
from Control Technology Corporation

Compact, high performance control system [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; Analog Input (optional feature)
  • Output: DC Output; Analog Output (optional feature)
  • Expandable: Expandable
  • Programming Options: Computer Programmable
ELC Controller -- ELC-PA10
from Eaton Corporation - Power Control & Logic Components

The ELC controllers and modules include the following features. Size - provide large PLC features/functions in a small 1" package. Flexibility - handle I/O counts from 10 I/O up to 256 I/O using a single controller. ELCs eliminate the process of counting I/O and deciding which controller to use as... [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; AC Input (optional feature); Analog Input (optional feature); Frequency or Pulse; Transistor Input; Interrupt Input
  • Inputs: 4
  • Total Points: 10
  • Outputs: 6
Embedded Controller -- I-7188XA
from ICP DAS USA, Inc.

7 segmented display, 512k flash, 512k SRAM, battery backup, wet & dry [See More]

  • Input: DC Input (optional feature); AC Input (optional feature); Analog Input (optional feature); Thermocouple Input (optional feature); RTD Input (optional feature); Frequency or Pulse (optional feature); Specialty I/O
  • Inputs: 2
  • Total Points: 4
  • Outputs: 2
SMLC Controller -- Model SMLC-10/B
from ORMEC Systems Corp.

Input/outputs are modular, up to 16 axis, Pentium III 850 MHz [See More]

  • Input: DC Input (optional feature); Analog Input (optional feature); Thermocouple Input (optional feature); RTD Input (optional feature)
  • Inputs: 32
  • Total Points: 64
  • Outputs: 32
from Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

Two-year warranty, triple CPU redundancy [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; AC Input
  • Inputs: 6
  • Total Points: 22
  • Outputs: 16
Water Treatment Control System -- AquaLynx® 350 LX
from RODI Systems Corp.

4 x 20 LCD [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; AC Input; Analog Input
  • Output: DC Output; AC Output; Relay Output; Analog Output (optional feature); RS-232 and Ethernet
  • Expandable: Expandable
  • Programming Options: Front Panel; Computer Programmable
FX3-CPU000000 -- 1043783
from SICK

Modularly expandable safety controller, integratable to various networks [See More]

  • Input: DC Input
  • Inputs: 4
  • Total Points: 4
  • Outputs: 0
Controller -- ESX
from STW Technic

Designed for harsh environments, freely programmable [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; Analog Input; Frequency or Pulse; Interrupt Input
  • Inputs: 24
  • Total Points: 36
  • Outputs: 12
Jazz™ OPLC™ -- JZ10-11-R10
from Unitronics Inc.

Full-function illuminated LCD w/ customizable screens & keyboard [See More]

  • Input: DC Input; Frequency or Pulse; Digital Input
  • Inputs: 6
  • Total Points: 10
  • Outputs: 4