AC Output Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Datasheets

High Performance Modular Expandable PLC -- EZPLC Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

EZPLC is the most innovative PLC in its class. It is packed with power only found in high-end PLCs that cost 3 to 5 times more. It also sports the most flexible I/O in the industry, EZI/O modules (sold separately). This power-packed micro modular PLC is a good fit for small machines that need... [See More]

  • Output: DC Output (optional feature); AC Output (optional feature); Relay Output (optional feature); Analog Output (optional feature)
  • Expandable: Expandable
  • Total Points: 96
  • Maximum Channels: 2048
Delta Programmable Logic Controller -- DVP16EH00R2
from Delta Products Corporation

The high performance brick style DVP-EH2 series is available in a wide range of I/O configurations, and is well equipped with outstanding operational speed, large programming capacity and built in application and communication instructions. The various special extension modules and function cards... [See More]

  • Output: AC Output (optional feature); Relay Output
  • Inputs: 8
  • Total Points: 16
  • Outputs: 8
Embedded Controller -- I-7188XA
from ICP DAS USA, Inc.

7 segmented display, 512k flash, 512k SRAM, battery backup, wet & dry [See More]

  • Output: DC Output; AC Output; Relay Output; Analog Output; Frequency or Pulse; Specialty I/O
  • Inputs: 2
  • Total Points: 4
  • Outputs: 2
Water Treatment Control System -- AquaLynx® 350 LX
from RODI Systems Corp.

4 x 20 LCD [See More]

  • Output: DC Output; AC Output; Relay Output; Analog Output (optional feature); RS-232 and Ethernet
  • Input: DC Input; AC Input; Analog Input
  • Expandable: Expandable
  • Programming Options: Front Panel; Computer Programmable