Analog Current Absolute Rotary Encoders Datasheets

Absolute Encoder -- ATD 2A B14 Y 1
from Baumer Ltd.

When choosing an absolute encoder made by Baumer you have drawn on trusted technology. For two decades, Baumer has been manufacturing absolute multiturn encoders. The technology proved itself a hundred thousand times in practice. We are the only manufacturer applying different technological methods... [See More]

  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current
  • Shaft Speed: 12000
  • Diameter / Width: 2.28
  • Encoder Technology: Optical
Lika Abolulte Rotary Encoder -- AMR58
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Absolute encoder with integrated cam switch programmer. SSI position output, Profibus on request [See More]

  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current; Serial Synchronous Interface; Profibus (optional feature)
  • Diameter / Width: 2.28
  • Resolution: 4096 to 40996
  • Shaft Speed: 6000
Encoder ENC 8 EASY Absolute, with SSI interface -- ENX8EASY06
from maxon precision motors, inc.

The maxon ENX 8 EASY offers high signal quality and a high level of integration into the motor. Various protocols can be programmed: 3 channel differential, absolute encoder (SSI or BiSS-C), and commutation signals. Different cable materials and lengths are available. Configure your encoder online... [See More]

  • Electrical Output and Interface: Current; Serial Synchronous Interface
  • Encoder Technology: Mechanical
  • Shaft Speed: 80000
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 212
Absolute Explosion-Proof Encoder -- H38
from BEI Sensors

This is the same Explosion Proof rated encoder as the H38 Incremental, in an absolute encoder version with output up to 13 bits of resolution. When your application needs the ability to recover position information quickly after a power loss and you are operating in a hazardous area-the H38 may be... [See More]

  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current; Serial; Parallel; Serial Synchronous Interface
  • Accuracy: 30.00
  • Resolution: 13
  • Update Rate: 100
Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoder -- Analog
from Everight Position Technologies Corporation

High-resolution absolute encoder based on magnetic technology. Singleturn sensing based on 360 ° Hall effect technology. Multiturn sensing based on magnetic pulse counter. No batteries used. Main Features. Compact Industrial Design. Interface: Analog – Current, Voltage. Housing: 36,5 mm. [See More]

  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current
  • Accuracy: 1260.00
  • Resolution: 12
  • Diameter / Width: 1.44
600 Series (Industrial) -- RSA 670 Analog
from Leine & Linde AB

Absolute analogue encoders. 0...20 mA or 4...20 mA output. Free choice of active angle. 10 ° up to 360 °. ZeroSet function. DIRECTION function [See More]

  • Electrical Output and Interface: Current
  • Diameter / Width: 2.28
  • Resolution: 10
  • Shaft Speed: 6000
Heavy Duty Absolute Rotary Shaft Encoder -- Series E0001
from NEL Frequency Controls

1" Deep, bi-directional, black anodized aluminum housing [See More]

  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current (optional feature); Serial
  • Diameter / Width: 2.5
  • Resolution: 14
  • Shaft Speed: 6000
Multiturn Absolute Encoder -- IVM36M-******
from Pepperl+Fuchs International

Very small housing, High climatic resistance, 16 Bit multiturn, Analog output, Surge and reverse polarity protection. Very small housing. High climatic resistance. 16 Bit multiturn. Analog output. Surge and reverse polarity protection. Absolute rotary encoders provide a distinctly coded numerical... [See More]

  • Electrical Output and Interface: Current
  • Shaft Speed: 12000
  • Resolution: 16
  • Rotor Inertia: 4.25E-4
POSITAL IXARC Analog Multi-turn Absolute Rotary Encoder -- Analog

POSITAL has come up with a robust non-contact encoder to replace old-fashioned geared potentiometers. Thanks to the contact-free recording of the angular position and revolution, the magnetic encoders from POSITAL are completely wear-free. Their magnetic functional principle not only enables a... [See More]

  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current
  • Accuracy: 1296.00 to 1296000.00
  • Resolution: 1 to 12
  • Update Rate: 0.1000

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