Gray Absolute Rotary Encoders Datasheets

Absolute Encoder -- AMG 11 + FSL
from Baumer Ltd.

When choosing an absolute encoder made by Baumer you have drawn on trusted technology. For two decades, Baumer has been manufacturing absolute multiturn encoders. The technology proved itself a hundred thousand times in practice. We are the only manufacturer applying different technological methods... [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray (optional feature); Binary (optional feature)
  • Diameter / Width: 4.8
  • Resolution: 13
  • Shaft Speed: 2800
Encoders -- 480-3273-ND [510E1A48F204PB from Honeywell Sensing and Control]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Output Code: Gray
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 221
  • Encoder Technology: Mechanical
Absolute Encoder -- A58
from Gurley Precision Instruments

The model A58 encoder is a single-turn absolute rotary encoder with opto-electronic technology. This encoder is used in a wide variety of position-sensing applications for the measuring of angles and distances. Mechanical features include a 58-mm aluminum housing, stainless steel shaft with Dia... [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray; Binary
  • Resolution: 16
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Serial; Parallel
  • Diameter / Width: 2.28
510 Series mechanical encoder, 2-bit: 16 cycles per revolution, 16 detents/revolution, PC type B-110 terminals -- 510E1A48F416PB
from Honeywell Sensing and Control

The 510 Series are manually operated, rotary encoders that supply a 2-bit gray code output for relative reference applications or a four-bit gray code output for absolute electrical reference applications. They combine the feel of a rotary switch with a digital output. The “L ” channel... [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray
  • Encoder Technology: Mechanical
  • Shaft Speed: 50
Lika Absolute Encoder for Curved Axis -- SMLA
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Absolute encoder for curved axes. Contactless sensing. Detection of arcs and curved axes up to 360 °. SSI & BiSS output with alarm bits. IP68 Protection. [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray; Binary
  • Resolution: 4096 to 16384
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Serial Synchronous Interface
  • Shaft Speed: 15000
ENCODER 8-24VDC GRAY CODE -- 845GMNXC8024 [845GMNXC8024 from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation]
from Radwell International, Inc.

Finding an industrial MRO supplier with ALLEN BRADLEY 845GM-NXC8024 in stock isn't always easy - you need a experienced, global company with a high level of both knowledge and service. is the leading industrial MRO supplier online today. We provide a wide array of in-stock products for... [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray
4800517 [0-565-288 from Hengstler GMBH]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Maximum Revolutions:10000rpm; Encoder Technology:Absolute; Resolution:12 bit; Output Signal Type:Gray, SSI; Shaft Type:Solid; Supply Voltage:10 to 30 V dc; IP Rating:IP64, IP67; Minimum Operating Temperature:-40C; Maximum Operating Temperature:+100C [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray
  • Shaft Speed: 10000
  • Resolution: 12
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 212
Absolute Encoder (gray code): 10-bit (1024 PPR), 8mm shaft, 10-26 VDC -- TRD-NA1024NWD

Koyo encoder, absolute, gray code, medium duty, 10-bit (1024 pulses per revolution), 8mm solid shaft, 50mm diameter body, 10-26 VDC, NPN open collector, IP65 (splash proof), 2-meter (6.5 ft.) cable exit. Mounting screws included. [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray
  • Diameter / Width: 1.97
50mm Diameter Encoder -- EP50S Series
from Autonics USA, Inc.

*Compact size of external diameter 50mm. *Various output code: BCD, Binary, Gray Code(Option). *Various resolution(720/1024 divisions). *IP 64(Partial waterproof, Oil proof) [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray (optional feature); Binary (optional feature); Binary Coded Decimal (optional feature)
  • Diameter / Width: 1.97
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage (optional feature)
  • Shaft Speed: 3000
Absolute Explosion-Proof Encoder -- H38
from BEI Sensors

This is the same Explosion Proof rated encoder as the H38 Incremental, in an absolute encoder version with output up to 13 bits of resolution. When your application needs the ability to recover position information quickly after a power loss and you are operating in a hazardous area-the H38 may be... [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray; Binary; Binary Coded Decimal; Other
  • Resolution: 13
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current; Serial; Parallel; Serial Synchronous Interface
  • Accuracy: 30.00
Absolute Encoder with BiSS Interface -- ACURO™ AD25 Drive
from Dynapar Corp.

Special Conical Shaft for Concentric Motor Mounting. Up to 22 Bits of Singleturn Absolute Positioning for Smooth Low Speed Motor Performance. Integrated On-Board Diagnostics to Monitor Encoder Health [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray
  • Resolution: 22
  • Electrical Output and Interface: BiSS
  • Accuracy: 36.00
Optocode EXAG Rotary Position Sensor -- SSI
from Everight Position Technologies Corporation

Main Features. Approval: II 2 G/D EEx d II C T6. Heavy-duty industrial model. Interface: Synchronous-serial (RS 422). Max. 8192 steps per revolution (13 Bit). Max. 16384 revolutions (14 Bit). Code: Gray or Binary. Mechanical Structure. Ex-proof, flameproof enclosure. Flange and housing of Aluminum. [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray (optional feature); Binary (optional feature)
  • Resolution: 13 to 14
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Serial Synchronous Interface
  • Shaft Speed: 1200 to 6000
1000 Series (Extreme) -- ESA 1608-85
from Leine & Linde AB

Short description: > > Extreme resistance to. mechanical loads, vibrations. and shock. > > Exceptional durability in. tough environments of. high temperatures and dust. > > Available with SSI/EnDat. output and with gateways. for CANopen, DeviceNetTM. and PROFIBUS. > > 25 bit... [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray (optional feature); Binary (optional feature)
  • Resolution: 25
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Serial Synchronous Interface (optional feature); EnDat
  • Diameter / Width: 4.53
Heavy Duty Absolute Rotary Shaft Encoder -- Series E0001
from NEL Frequency Controls

1" Deep, bi-directional, black anodized aluminum housing [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray; Binary; Binary Coded Decimal
  • Resolution: 14
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Voltage; Current (optional feature); Serial
  • Diameter / Width: 2.5
Multiturn Absolute Encoder -- AHM58-0
from Pepperl+Fuchs International

Industrial standard housing â ˆ …58 mm, 30 Bit multiturn, Data transfer up to 2 MBaud, Optically isolated RS 422 interface, Zero-set function. Industrial standard housing â ˆ …58 mm. 30 Bit multiturn. Data transfer up to 2 MBaud. Optically isolated RS 422 interface. [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray; Binary
  • Resolution: 30
  • Electrical Output and Interface: SSI
  • Shaft Speed: 3000
POSITAL IXARC Parallel Multi-turn Absolute Rotary Encoder -- Parallel

POSITAL Parallel encoders provide reliable positioning for traditional parallel applications. With a wide variety of options and fast delivery times, these are a great alternative for broken encoders that need replacement from other manufacturers. [See More]

  • Output Code: Gray; Binary
  • Resolution: 1 to 16
  • Electrical Output and Interface: Parallel
  • Accuracy: 72.00 to 1296000.00