VXI / MIX GPIB Controllers and GPIB Interface Boards Datasheets

GPIB/RS-232 Switching System Model 1256 -- 407838
from EADS North America Defense Test and Services

2U rack mountable, controls up to eight Adapt-A-Switch plug-ins [See More]

  • Computer Bus Interface: VXI/MXI Bus
  • IEEE Compatibility: IEEE 488.2
  • GPIB Network Function: Controller
  • Operating System: Windows® 7; Microsoft® Windows® Vista; Windows® XP; Windows NT; Windows 95/98
NI GPIB-VXI/C -- 777126-01
from VTI Instruments Corporation

A VXIbus system may have up to 256 devices, including one or. more VXIbus subsystems (mainframes). Subsystems must consist. of a central timing module, referred to as a Slot 0 Controller. Selecting the appropriate Slot 0 depends on the overall system. architecture and interface requirements. The... [See More]

  • Computer Bus Interface: VXI/MXI Bus
  • Operating System: VXI, PnP Software
  • GPIB Network Function: Interface; Controller
  • Number of Channels: 1