Black Oxide Washers Datasheets

C Washers
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Washer that slides in and out of position for clear loading. Can be used with a nut, or by sliding it into a radial groove on a drawbar. Available in steel or stainless steel. [See More]

  • Finish: BlackOxide
  • Number Size: No. 10 (optional feature); 1/4" (optional feature); 5/16" (optional feature); 3/8" (optional feature); 1/2" (optional feature); 5/8" (optional feature); 3/4" (optional feature); 1" (optional feature)
  • Washer Type: C-Washer
  • Metric Size: M5 (optional feature); M6 (optional feature); M8 (optional feature); M10 (optional feature); M12 (optional feature); M16 (optional feature); M24 (optional feature)
Spherical Washer - Steel - 13mm -- BJ742-06001
from Fixtureworks

Also known as self-aligning washers, these two-piece washer sets work together to compensate for misaligned parts. These washers are commonly used in fixturing and clamping applications. The parts below include both a top and bottom washer. The steel style are made from SAE-1045 alloy steel, heat... [See More]

  • Finish: BlackOxide
  • Inside Diameter: 0.276
  • Washer Type: Spherical
  • Outside Diameter: 0.512
Counterbore Hole Type -- FWZAB Series

Free type counterbore hole type [See More]

  • Finish: BlackOxide
  • Inside Diameter: 3.000 to 88.000
  • Washer Type: Counterbore
  • Inside Tolerance: +0.1, +0.3mm
Flat Washer Stainless Steel A2 Black Oxide DIN125, M2.0 -- M60703B
from Mountz, Inc.

General Information: Made of high quality alloy steel. Has high corrosion resistance. Best used in industrial and outside environments. *Note: Stainless A-2 is equivalent to Stainless 18-8* [See More]

  • Finish: BlackOxide
  • Metric Size: M2.0
  • Washer Type: Flat or USS
  • Material: StainlessSteel
Crest-to-Crest Spring -- C037-L1
from Smalley

Crest-to-Crest Wave Springs are pre-stacked in series, decreasing the spring rate proportionally to the number of turns. Uses are typically applications requiring low-medium spring rates and large deflections with low-medium forces. Among the major advantages, this design eliminates the need to keep... [See More]

  • Finish: BlackOxide (optional feature); ZincPlated (optional feature)
  • Inside Diameter: 0.250
  • Washer Type: Wave
  • Outside Diameter: 0.375
A 9Q19-00
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

#0 Screw Size, 0.062" Inside Diameter, 0.137" Outside Diameter, 0.017" Material Thick alloy steel Split Washer [See More]

  • Finish: BlackOxide
  • Inside Diameter: 0.062
  • Washer Type: Lockwasher, Helical Spring
  • Outside Diameter: 0.137
C'' Washer: 3/16-1/4 Stud x 1 Dia. -- 42802
from Te-Co, Inc.

Product Information. Black Oxide Finish. Case Hardened. 1018 Material: 42801, 08, 09. 12L14 Material: 42802, 06, 07, 13, 14, 17, 20. Many sizes conform to TCMAl standards [See More]

  • Finish: BlackOxide
  • Number Size: 1/4"
  • Washer Type: C-Washer
  • Inside Diameter: 0.188 to 0.250