Strainer / Filter Liquid Handling Pumps Datasheets

Boxer Series 3100 Diaphragm Pump -- 3112
from Clark Solutions

Boxer Series 3100 & 3200 Diaphragm Pumps. Dual & Quad Pump Heads, DC Power, Liquids to 4.5 LPM & Gases to 30 LPM. Description: The DC motor driven Boxer 3000 diaphragm pump is ideal for pressure or vacuum applications where low current and reliability are the prime requirements. Boxer... [See More]

  • Pump Features: Corrosion Resistant; Sealless; SelfPriming (optional feature); Strainer or Filter (optional feature)
  • Discharge Pressure: 29.0
  • Pump Type: Dosing; Diaphragm; PositiveDisplacement
  • Liquid Flow: 3.960
Airmix® -- 20-25-Pump - Stainless Steel
from EXEL North America, Inc.

Ideal for feeding one or two Airmix ® spray guns or one gun in a heated circulation loop for small to medium production shop, the 20.25 can pump a variety of coatings. The pump comes with the pump regulator, atomization regulator, and filter. Features. Large diameter suction rod and high... [See More]

  • Pump Features: Corrosion Resistant; Portable; Strainer or Filter; Vertical Orientation
  • Discharge Pressure: 1740.5
  • Pump Type: Circulation; System
  • Liquid Flow: 0.396 to 0.792
LifeStar™ Aquatic Pumps -- A Series
from Hayward Flow Control

The new A-Series LifeStar ™ pump from Hayward Flow Control is designed for operation in aquatic and animal life support systems. Its specialized construction makes it safe for even the most sensitive aquatic habitats. The LifeStar pump features a corrosion resistant Glass Filled Polypropylene... [See More]

  • Pump Features: Corrosion Resistant; SelfPriming; Strainer or Filter
  • Inlet Size: 2.000
  • Pump Type: Salt Water Systems
  • Discharge Size: 2.000
Double-Casing PEMO Pumps
from PEMO Pumps

Double-Casing PEMO Pumps: Designed for: *Applications under head. *Abrasive liquids. *Acid liquids with abrasive suspensions. *Temperatures up to 90 °C (195 °F). Type of seal: *Mechanical with double frontal rings or with permanent lubrication. Low maintenance. Pump-motor coupling: *V-belt. [See More]

  • Pump Features: BeltDrive; Strainer or Filter
  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal; Sump; Wastewater
  • Market Segment: GeneralUse; FoodProcessing; Mining; Petrochemical or Hydrocarbon; PulpPaper; Marble and Granite
AstiPure™ II PV Series Pump
from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - Process Systems

Superior performance with reduced cost of ownership. AstiPureTM II PV Series pumps are designed based on 20 years of experience in handling ultra-high purity media for the Semiconductor industry. [See More]

  • Pump Features: Corrosion Resistant; SelfPriming; Strainer or Filter
  • Liquid Flow: 8.000 to 16.000
  • Pump Type: Bellows; PositiveDisplacement
  • Power Source: Air or Pneumatic
Macerator - Grinder -- Group M - Range I
from SEEPEX Inc.

Apart from applications in processing municipal and industrial waste waters, seepex macerators are also used in a multitude of other branches of industry. They macerate the solid and fibrous components in the conveying medium, thus increasing the operating safety and service life of the downstream... [See More]

  • Pump Features: CloseCoupled; EndSuction; Horizontal; Nonclog; Strainer or Filter
  • Discharge Pressure: 30.0
  • Pump Type: Grinder; Wastewater; WaterTreatment
  • Liquid Flow: 660.000
Barrel Pump -- 9035
from Bijur Delimon International

Air-operated barrel pumps are used where medium to heavy duty service conditions exist and rapid build-up of lubricating system pressure is desired in either air-operated central stations or bulk transfer of lubricants. Air-operated barrel transfer pumps are normally used to transfer lubricants from... [See More]

  • Pump Features: Strainer or Filter
  • Discharge Pressure: 100.0
  • Pump Type: Drum
  • Discharge Size: 0.375
Comet Series Piston Pump -- Comet 4B
from Binks

Name: Comet 4B. Part Number: user selects. Family: Comet. Type: 2-Ball Piston Pump. Max Output Pressure: 3000 PSI. Ratio: 30:1. Air In: 3/8" with 1/4" adapter, Air consumption is 13 CFM@50 psi. Fluid Out: Fluid outlet 1/4" NPS(m) with in-line filter and bypass. Capacity: 3/4 gallon continuous duty [See More]

  • Pump Features: EndSuction; Strainer or Filter; Vertical Orientation
  • Discharge Pressure: 3000.0
  • Pump Type: Drum; PistonPlunger; PositiveDisplacement
  • Discharge Size: 0.250
8200 Series Propeller Pump -- 8211A
from Fairbanks Nijhuis

Open lineshaft, water lubricated, high volume, low discharge pressure [See More]

  • Pump Features: Multistage (optional feature); Strainer or Filter (optional feature); Vertical Orientation
  • Inlet Size: 12.000
  • Pump Type: Axial Flow; Propeller
  • Discharge Size: 12.000
Electric Pump Motor Series -- BU-100
from Filtroil, Inc.

70 lbs, cleanliness 16/14/11 or better, 0.1 micron filter [See More]

  • Pump Features: ContinuousDuty; Strainer or Filter
  • Discharge Pressure: 400.0
  • Pump Type: Hydraulic
  • Liquid Flow: 0.500
Vertical Metallic Cantilever Pump -- RCEV Series
from Friatec N.A., LLC

heavy duty chemical design with double spiral volute housing to minimise radial forces - extended shaft bearing arrangement without any sleeve bearing in the medium - safe against dry running - installation into vessel or pit - easy of service and maintenance - closed impeller with front and back... [See More]

  • Pump Features: Corrosion Resistant; Jacketed (optional feature); Strainer or Filter; Vertical Orientation
  • Discharge Pressure: 112.0
  • Pump Type: Cantelever; Centrifugal; Sump
  • Liquid Flow: 2640.000
Submersible Slurry Pumps -- Submersible SBLH Series
from GPM, Inc.

Available flow rates 100-4500 GPM, 15-150 HP, discharge 3-8" [See More]

  • Pump Features: Corrosion Resistant; ExplosionProof (optional feature); Grinding (optional feature); RunDry; Strainer or Filter
  • Power Source: 230to460 (optional feature); 480to690
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal; Submersible; Sump
  • Market Segment: Mining; PowerGeneration; PulpPaper
from Greylor Company

The rugged construction of the MP-20 on Channel has been proven for dependable performance. This dual diaphragm pump undergoes brutal treatment on pickup trucks in all kinds of weather. No damage occurs if pump is run dry. [See More]

  • Pump Features: PlugIn; Portable; RunDry; Strainer or Filter
  • Discharge Pressure: 600.0
  • Pump Type: Diaphragm
  • Liquid Flow: 0.047 to 0.469
Unilift AP
from Grundfos Pumps Corporation

The Unilift AP and Unilift AP Basic are submersible drainage pumps designed for both temporary/portable installation and permanent free-standing installation. These single-stage pumps are made mostly of stainless steel. All types are available in either single phase or three phase versions and for... [See More]

  • Pump Features: Portable (optional feature); Strainer or Filter
  • Market Segment: GeneralUse; Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal; Submersible; VortexImpeller (optional feature)
  • Primary Material Of Construction: StainlessSteel
110H Series -- 110H-87-1.6D
from IMO Pump

Available in canned motor/pump configurations up to 6 HP(4.5 KW) [See More]

  • Pump Features: CloseCoupled; ContinuousDuty; Horizontal; Sealless (optional feature); Strainer or Filter; Vertical Orientation
  • Discharge Pressure: 1250.0
  • Pump Type: CannedMotor (optional feature); PositiveDisplacement; Screw
  • Liquid Flow: 4.800
Air & Gas Booster -- E*B-10:1
from Interface Devices, Inc.

All IDI gas booster products do not require an inlet air valve regulator or lubricator. PTFE compound dynamic seals for long life and sparkless operation. These gas boosters maintain set pressure without consuming energy. Air Driven Air, and Gas Boosters are available for pressures from 50 psi (3.4... [See More]

  • Pump Features: Horizontal (optional feature); Pressure Gauge; Strainer or Filter (optional feature); Vertical Orientation (optional feature); Air Regulator
  • Discharge Pressure: 750.0
  • Pump Type: Booster; PistonPlunger; PositiveDisplacement
  • Liquid Flow: 14.587
Petroleum Pump -- PS/PT20
from Liquid Controls Group; a Unit of IDEX Corporation

The model PT20 petroleum pump is ideal for "lube oil" deliveries that require flow rates. Applications include deliveries to service centers such as auto dealerships and quick lube companies. [See More]

  • Pump Features: Corrosion Resistant; Horizontal; Strainer or Filter (optional feature)
  • Discharge Pressure: 200.0
  • Pump Type: PositiveDisplacement; Rotary Vane Pumps
  • Liquid Flow: 88.000
Primer Alpha -- 6800PRM19
from MDM Incorporated

The Primer series integrates a basket-type pre-filter and self-priming capabilities into one efficient package for trouble-free operation. The motor is totally enclosed, fan-cooled for durability 115V or 230V with an 8-foot cordset. 3 year limited warranty. Special features include an internal... [See More]

  • Pump Features: SelfPriming; Strainer or Filter
  • Liquid Flow: 113.333
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal; System (optional feature)
  • Inlet Size: 2.000
Series 7000 "dia-Pump" -- Model 7000-NX
from Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Inc.

The Neptune Series 7000 "dia-PUMP" is a mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump designed for water, wastewater and process applications. The mechanical design eliminates the use of contour plates on the liquid side of the diaphragm. The simple, straight through valve and head design allows... [See More]

  • Pump Features: AdjustableSpeed; ContinuousDuty; Strainer or Filter
  • Discharge Pressure: 150.0
  • Pump Type: Metering
  • Liquid Flow: 0.200
OMAX® Direct Drive Pump -- P2040V
from OMAX Corporation

Safety blow down valve, charging pump included, low noise and vibration [See More]

  • Pump Features: AdjustableSpeed; CloseCoupled; Control Panel; FrameMounted; Horizontal; Strainer or Filter
  • Discharge Pressure: 40030.4
  • Pump Type: Reciprocating; System
  • Liquid Flow: 0.750
PAVC Varibale Displacement Piston Pump Series -- -PAVC1002L46A4HP22
from Parker Hannifin / Hydraulics / Hydraulic Pump Division

Features. High Strength Cast-Iron Housing. Built-In Supercharger. High Speed Capability - 3000 RPM (2600 RPM PAVC100). Sealed Shaft Bearing. Two Piece Design For Ease of Service. Cartridge Type [See More]

  • Pump Features: ContinuousDuty; Strainer or Filter
  • Discharge Pressure: 3000.0 to 3600.0
  • Pump Type: Axial Flow; Hydraulic; PistonPlunger; PositiveDisplacement
  • Liquid Flow: 31.600 to 47.500
LFS-113 Pump -- 810-0301-02
from Sensidyne, LP

By replacing the NiCad battery with a Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery we have ended the era of quick battery drains. The NiMH will not develop “short memory effect ” that afflicts older technology batteries. AND, it ’s environmentally friendly. This new technology is available in a... [See More]

  • Pump Features: AdjustableSpeed; Portable; Strainer or Filter
  • Discharge Pressure: 692.0
  • Pump Type: Sampling
  • Liquid Flow: 0.092
Geyser® Classic Submersible Pump -- 2300
from Simer Pumps

Oil cooled motor, thermal overload protection, 8' cord w/ grounded plug [See More]

  • Pump Features: Corrosion Resistant; EndSuction; Nonclog; PlugIn; Portable; Strainer or Filter; ThermalOverload; Vertical Orientation; Open Type Trash Impeller
  • Liquid Flow: 21.000
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal; Submersible; Utility
  • HP: 0.17
Dual Piston Foot Pump -- FCP04
from Star Hydraulics, Inc.

Star two-speed Hi-Lo pumps provide rapid movement at low pressure for the part of a cylinder's stroke where no work is encountered. The pump automatically switches to high pressure when the cylinder must deliver maximum push or pull force. Changeover from high volume-low pressure to low volume-high... [See More]

  • Pump Features: AdjustableSpeed; Multistage; Strainer or Filter; Vertical Orientation; Adjustable Overload Relief Valve
  • Discharge Pressure: 10000.0
  • Pump Type: Hand; Hydraulic; PistonPlunger; PositiveDisplacement; Reciprocating
  • Inlet Size: 0.375
ST-36 Sludge Pump -- 999001540
from Suttner America Company

Easily attaches to pressure washer and turns it into a high output pump. Great for flood clean up, car wash pits, emptying pools or chemical spills. Casting Assembly w/ hose barb #200036500 (without coupling and nozzle). [See More]

  • Pump Features: Strainer or Filter
  • Discharge Pressure: 4000.0
  • Pump Type: Utility
  • Liquid Flow: 44.000
Stenner Anti-Scalant Injection System -- 410-ASIS-1
from US Water Systems, Inc.

Stenner 85MHP5 Pump System for Anti-Scalant Injection Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems. Features: Shipped pre-assembled for easy installation and convenience. Includes rain roof to help protect motor. Vertically mounted for solution containment (if chemical leaks, it runs right back into tank). [See More]

  • Pump Features: PlugIn; RunDry; SelfPriming; Strainer or Filter; Vertical Orientation
  • Discharge Pressure: 100.0
  • Pump Type: Injection; Metering; PositiveDisplacement
  • Liquid Flow: 0.000 to 0.003
Elima-Matic Pumps -- E3
from Versa-Matic Pump Co.

Elima-Matic's non-stalling, lube-free air valve system allows the Versa-Matic E3 3" pump to provide reliable performance. Available in clamped or bolted models, with leak-free design that reduces downtime and ensures continuous operation. Features. is available in either plastic or metal. can handle... [See More]

  • Pump Features: SelfPriming; Strainer or Filter
  • Liquid Flow: 0.000 to 260.000
  • Pump Type: DoubleDiaphragm
  • Inlet Size: 3.000
Sludgemaster® -- SMA3-A
from Warren Rupp, Inc.

Simple design and operation offer many advantages over other types of pump [See More]

  • Pump Features: SelfPriming; Strainer or Filter (optional feature)
  • Discharge Pressure: 10.0
  • Pump Type: PositiveDisplacement; Submersible; Trash
  • Liquid Flow: 43.000
Chicago Pump® Flush Kleen® -- Series 2310
from Yeomans Chicago Corporation

Dry-pit sewage pumping system, capacities from 100-1500 GPM [See More]

  • Pump Features: ContinuousDuty; Nonclog; Strainer or Filter; Vertical Orientation
  • Liquid Flow: 1500.000
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal; Wastewater
  • Power Source: NoSourceIncluded