Water Liquid Handling Pumps Datasheets

Non-Electric Permeate Pump -- ERP-1000
from Watts

Maximize an RO systems efficiency by reducing the back pressure from your storage tank and allow the system's working pressure to remain consistent reducing waste water by up to 80%. [See More]

  • Power Source: Hydraulic; Water
  • Liquid Flow: 0.069
  • Pump Type: WaterTreatment; Permeate Pump
  • Inlet Size: 0.250
from IMO Pump

Designed for handling liquids with little or no lubricating properties [See More]

  • Power Source: DC; AC; Water
  • Discharge Pressure: 1160.0
  • Pump Type: MagneticDrive (optional feature); PositiveDisplacement; Screw
  • Inlet Size: 4.921