Fire Service Pumps Liquid Handling Pumps Datasheets

Fire Systems
from Grundfos Pumps Corporation

The NKF fire system is an NBF or NKF end-suction pump integrated with a coupling and a driver, which may be an electric motor or a diesel engine, assembled on a base frame [See More]

  • Pump Type: FireService; System
  • Pump Features: EndSuction
  • Power Source: AC (optional feature); Gasoline or Diesel Engine (optional feature)
  • Market Segment: Fire Fighting
Diesel Pumps -- GN 500
from Hale Products Europe, Ltd.

Portable, diesel engine powered fire pump for Naval applications. Rated performance of 500l/min at 3 bar. Single stage centrifugal pump with all-bronze pump-end. Wrap-around stainless steel frame protects the assembly. Exhaust gas priming and full pump instrumentation. NATO registered stock item. [See More]

  • Pump Type: FireService
Multipurpose Bronze Impeller Pump -- FB-8
from Johnson Pump, An SPX Brand

Compact design, raw water resistant pumps at an attractive price. With excellent self-priming capability, these pumps are ideal for applications like engine cooling, bilge pumping, wash-down, refuelling, emergency and fire fighting. Also ideally suited for shore for emptying septic tanks, flushing,... [See More]

  • Pump Type: BilgeBallast; FireService; Flexible Impeller
  • Inlet Size: 0.375 to 1.500
  • Liquid Flow: 6.600 to 105.600
  • Discharge Size: 0.375 to 1.500
HHL Hydraulic
from MP Pumps, Inc.

HHLF "HR" high pressure self-priming centrifugal pumps meet USCG specifications for auxiliary fire control. The high suction centerline and impeller design eliminates premature priming loss while ensuring consistent priming capability. The HHLF pump is capable of achieving up to 25 feet suction... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Centrifugal; FireService
  • Inlet Size: 1.500
  • Liquid Flow: 140.000
  • Discharge Size: 1.500
Close Coupled Centrifugal Pump -- CL150
from Price Pump Company

Compact close coupled design using standard NEMA "C" OR "TC" motors. Back pull-out design for easy maintenance. Optional O-ring design available. 316SS - John Crane Type 21 Viton ®, Carbon vs. Ceramic, standard seal. John Crane Type 9 Teflon ® seal available. Optional seal face materials... [See More]

  • Pump Type: Booster; Cantelever; Centrifugal; Circulation; FireService (optional feature); Injection; Utility; Wastewater; WaterSupply; WaterTreatment; System
  • Liquid Flow: 300.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 65.0
  • Inlet Size: 2.000
Diesel-Hydraulic Driven Pumping Unit for Firefighting
from Sulzer Pumps, Inc.

Firewater pumps lie at the heart of a firefighting system. Reliable operation under extreme time conditions is a key requirement. Our self-contained hydraulic drive fire pump system delivers optimum performance and features to ensure minimum maintenance is required due to long periods on standby. [See More]

  • Pump Type: FireService
  • Liquid Flow: 15410.033 to 15500.000
  • Discharge Pressure: 360.0
  • Discharge Size: 20.000
12290 Phenolic Plastic Flex Pump -- 12290-0001
from Xylem Applied Water Systems

Flow rate: up to 5.9 USgpm, maximum head 30ft (13psi). Self-priming from dry up to 1.5m (4.9ft). Use where corrosion resistant phenolic or glass-filled expoxy material, self-priming and debris tolerance is desired. Nitrile impeller is ideal for oil based products. Model No.: 12290 Series. Easy to... [See More]

  • Pump Type: FireService
  • Liquid Flow: 5.800
  • Discharge Pressure: 17.0
  • Inlet Size: 0.625