ASME Globe Valves Datasheets

RESEARCH CONTROL® Valve -- Model 9000
from Badger Meter

FEATURES. Rugged, compact , corrosion resistant 316SST and Alloy "C" control valve. Standard wafer/NPT body. 3 Sizes: 1", 1-1/2", 2". Optional ANSI flanges, butt weld and socket weld bodies. Standard and cryogenic bonnets. Meets ANSI B16.34 enic bonnets. Meets ANSI B16.34 Class 300. Wide range of Cv... [See More]

  • Agency: ANSI; ASME; ASME B16.34, CL300, ASME Section VII
  • Connection Description: Threaded; BoltFlange (optional feature); ButtWeld (optional feature)
  • Valve Size: 1.00 to 2.00
  • Primary Material: Steel
Angle Bib Drain,1/4 In,Brass,150 PSI -- 1VPY4 [120 from Geib Industries Incorporated]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Drain Cock, Angle Bib, Material of Construction Brass, Pipe Size 1/4 In, MNPT Connection, Overall Height 1.76 In, Max Pressure 150 PSI, Temp Range -65 To 250 F, Steel Handle, Standards ASME 1016 [See More]

  • Agency: ASME
  • Connection Description: Threaded; MNPT
  • Valve Size: 0.25
  • Maximum Pressure: 150.00
PJ series Multistage Pressure Reducing Globe Control Valve
from LINUO

Features. CV3000 style body;. Various flow characteristics;. Multistage Pressure Reducing;. Various bonnet styles;. Technical Specification. DN:DN40~DN250. PN:PN10~PN160、. ANSI150L~ANSI900LB. Connection:Flanged. Bonnet Type:Standard(Normal Temperature). Cooling fin(High Temperature). [See More]

  • Agency: ANSI; ASME; MSS; DIN; ISO
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange (optional feature); FaceSeal (optional feature); Bolt Flanged
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 12.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 145.04 to 2175.55
Finetrol® Valve -- FG
from Metso

Neles Finetrol® rotary control valve is a high performance eccentric rotary plug control valve designed to provide wide rangeability and control accuracy in process flow control applications. Standard units are equipped with spring-diaphragm actuators and Neles ND9000 intelligent valve controllers... [See More]

  • Agency: ASME; DIN; ASME/DIN
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange; 1" - 10" Flanged
  • Valve Size: 1.00 to 10.00
  • Media Temperature: -390 to 800
EH70 Series Solenoid Valve -- EH70-08
from Clark Cooper Div. Magnatrol Valve Corp.

OPERATION: Valve opens when energized and closes when de-energized. When the coil is energized the pilot valve opens, relieving the pressure above the piston, which is then lifted from its seat by the plunger. Upon de-energizing the coil, a spring closes the pilot valve and opens a bleed passageway... [See More]

  • Agency: ANSI; ASME; MSS; NEMA 4 and 7
  • Connection Description: Threaded; Compression (optional feature); BoltFlange (optional feature); Union (optional feature); TubeFitting (optional feature); ButtWeld (optional feature); SocketWeld (optional feature); FaceSeal (optional feature)
  • Valve Size: 0.50
  • Maximum Pressure: 1500.00
No. 140 Series -- No. 143
from Clark-Reliance Corporation (The)

Jerguson safety ball check valves provide an automatic shut-off for glass level gage products in the event of a glass or gasket failure. Ball check valves are available with integral, union, or bolted bonnet arrangements for application pressures ranging up to 10,000-psi. [See More]

  • Agency: API; ASME; ISO; ISO 9001
  • Maximum Pressure: 2400.00
  • Connection Description: Threaded; NPT 3/4 and 1/2 Inch
  • Media Temperature: ? to 750
Pressure Seal Globe Valve - Class 1500
from Crane Energy Flow Solutions

Class 1500, flanged or butt weld end pressure seal globe valve [See More]

  • Agency: ANSI; API; ASME; MSS
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange (optional feature); ButtWeld (optional feature); FaceSeal (optional feature)
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 12.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 3750.00
Control Valve -- Design CP
from Emerson Process Management - Fisher®

Compact lightweight valve with integral flanges, self-aligning trim [See More]

  • Agency: ASME
  • Maximum Pressure: 750.00
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 4.00
  • Media Temperature: ? to 800
Cryogenic Valve
from Flowserve Corporation

Features. Low Temperatures to -325F(-198C). Extended Bonnet. ASME B16.35. Bolted Gland. Outside Screw & Yoke. Spiral Wound Gasket [See More]

  • Agency: ASME; ASME B16.35
  • Media Temperature: -325 to ?
  • Connection Description: Threaded; BoltFlange; SocketWeld
  • Actuation: Manual
Masoneilan 28000 Series Varipak* Low Flow Control Valve
from GE Energy

The Masoneilan 28000 Series Varipak globe-style control valve provides excellent throttling control performance in micro-flow or very low capacity applications. It includes an integrated actuator design with an external flow adjustment feature providing customers with a unique flexibility to... [See More]

  • Agency: ASME
  • Connection Description: Threaded; BoltFlange; ButtWeld
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 1.00
  • Media: Gas; LP Gas; NaturalGas
Angle Seat Globe Valve -- GEMU® 507
from Gemu Valves

Construction. The GEMU 507 manually operated 2/2 way angle seat globe valve has an ergonomically designed plastic handwheel. The valve spindle is sealed by a self-adjusting gland packing providing low maintenance and reliable valve spindle sealing even after a long service life. The wiper ring... [See More]

  • Agency: ANSI (optional feature); ASME (optional feature); DIN (optional feature); ISO (optional feature)
  • Connection Description: Threaded (optional feature); ClampFlange (optional feature); ButtWeld (optional feature)
  • Valve Size: 0.24 to 3.15
  • Maximum Pressure: 232.06 to 362.59
from H.O. Trerice Co.

Pneumatic and Electric operated valves, available in a variety of body materials including Bronze, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel. Control valves are the final element of a control loop. [See More]

  • Agency: ASME
  • Connection Description: Threaded
  • Valve Size: 0.12 to 0.50
  • Maximum Pressure: 250.00
Cast Steel Valves
from KITZ Corporation of America

KITZ offers a wide selection of cast steel valves with a variety of options appropriate for everything from small/large bore lines to low/high-pressure environments [See More]

  • Agency: API; ASME
  • Primary Material: Steel
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Media: Gas
Cast Globe Valve -- SICCA 150-600 GLC
from KSB AG

Design. Cast globe valve to BS 1873 with bolted bonnet. Outside screw and yoke. Rotating, rising stem. Seating surfaces 13% Cr steel/stellite hard-faced. With graphite gasket and gland packing. Pressure/temperature ratings to ASME B16.34. Flanged/butt weld ends to ASME B16.5/ASME B16.25 standards. [See More]

  • Agency: ASME; ASME B16.34; BS 1873
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Valve Size: 1.97 to 9.84
  • Maximum Pressure: 1508.39
Pneumatic Control Valve -- Type 3241-1 DWA ANSI
from SAMSON Controls, Inc.

Control valve for PSA plants (Pressure Swing Adsorption). (German: DWA). Type 3241 Globe Valve with: • Type 3271 Pneumatic Actuator (Type 3241-1 Control Valve). • Type 3277 Pneumatic Actuator (Type 3241-1 Control Valve). for integral positioner attachment. • Type 3275 Pneumatic Piston... [See More]

  • Agency: ANSI; ASME; ASTM
  • Connection Description: BoltFlange; 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 4, 6
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 6.00
  • Maximum Pressure: 125.00 to 300.00
Bellows Seal Globe Valves
from Velan, Inc.

A comprehensive range of small forged gate, globe, check, angle and bellows seal valves with unique design features. Features and benefits. • Long cycle life bellows (10,000 cycles): Designed and qualification tested for high pressure/temperature applications. • Bellows monitoring port... [See More]

  • Agency: ASME
  • Connection Description: Threaded; BoltFlange; SocketWeld; Threaded, Socket weld, Flanged
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 2.00
Bellows Seal Globe Valve -- 1-1/2-F802SW-BS
from William E. Williams Valve Corp.

API-602 forged steel valve [See More]

  • Agency: ANSI; API; ASME; MSS
  • Connection Description: SocketWeld
  • Valve Size: 1.50
  • Primary Material: Steel