TTL Stepper Motor Drives Datasheets

Motion Control Board -- SMC-4DF-PCI
from CONTEC Co., Ltd.

It is a PCI board controlling a stepping motor and a servomotor(a pulse line input method). Motor control of a 4 axis at the maximum is a possible type. It goes through a motor driver unit, and it is possible to many axes independent control, linear / arc interpolation control. It can memorize... [See More]

  • Communication: TTL
  • PC-Based Bus: PCI
  • Product: Controller / Drive; PC-Based
  • Axes: 4.0
Stepper Drive Module Series -- AMP-20620
from Galil Motion Control

The SDM-206x0 contains four microstepping drives for operating two-phase bipolar stepper motors. [See More]

  • Communication: Ethernet; RS232; TTL
  • Axes: 2.0
  • Product: Controller / Drive (optional feature)
  • Motor / System: Unipolar; Bipolar; Permanent Magnet; Full-Step; Half-Step; Microstepping Motor
Dual Full-Bridge Motor Driver -- MTS2916A
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

The MTS2916A motor driver is an integrated circuit able to drive both windings of a bipolar stepper motor or bi-directionally control two DC motors. The two output bridges can sustain 40 V and deliver up to 750 mA of continuous current each. The maximum output current, controlled by a PWM circuit,... [See More]

  • Communication: TTL
  • Voltage: 10 to 40
  • Motor / System: Bipolar; Microstepping Motor
  • Continuous Current: 0.7500
MID-7604 4-Axis Integrated Stepper Driver and Power Unit, 115V -- 777936-01
from National Instruments

The National Instruments MID-7604 integrated stepper motor power drive provides reliable, easy-to-connect 4-axis drive solutions for National Instruments motion controllers. NI MID-760x drives provide stepper motor control from the NI 7334/7344 controllers. All required motion drive and motion I/O... [See More]

  • Communication: TTL
  • Motor / System: Bipolar
  • Axes: 4.0
  • AC Input: 115
Automotive DMOS Microstepping Driver -- A3980
from Allegro MicroSystems, LLC

2 wire interface (step, dir) pwm, etssop package, 16 steps/full step [See More]

  • Communication: TTL
  • Motor / System: Bipolar; Full-Step; Half-Step; Microstepping Motor
  • Axes: 1.0
  • DC Input: 3 to 6
17MD Series Motor / Driver Combination -- 17MD102S-00
from Anaheim Automation, Inc.

Eliminates motor wires, ideal for precise positioning [See More]

  • Communication: TTL
  • Motor / System: Unipolar
  • Axes: 1.0
  • DC Input: 8 to 35
Board Level Controller -- PMAC2 PCI
from Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

This board can be used installed in an PCI bus host computer or used as a stand-alone motion controller. When combined with the appropriate accessory ACC-8x, it provides four or eight axes of stepper, digital PWM and analog ±10V amplifier command signals. This motion controller is composed of two... [See More]

  • Communication: RS232; RS422; RS485; TTL (optional feature)
  • Resolution: 18
  • Product: PC-Based
  • PC-Based Bus: PCI
Controller only -- Au110
from Excitron Corporation

NEW Extremely compact, yet powerful, motion control system. First of its kind, less than .16" thick, and with all the features you need for robust robotic motion. Excitron is the market leader for high tech innovative motion control products. Includes precision 0.90 degree per half-step stepper... [See More]

  • Communication: Parallel Interface; RS232; RS422 (optional feature); RS485 (optional feature); TTL; USB (optional feature); Integrated Controller
  • PC-Based Bus: Other; USB, RS232
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Axes: 1.0 to 52.0
Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver -- GSM2
from Greenwich Instruments Ltd.

The GSM2 driver card is designed to drive a unipolar stepper motor (either with or without forcing resistors). Full, half or wave stepping modes are selectable, as is direction and speed can either be from an external or internal clock. An enable and disable input allow for a variety of start/stop... [See More]

  • Communication: TTL
  • Motor / System: Unipolar; Full-Step; Half-Step
  • Axes: 1.0
  • DC Input: 9 to 24
SMC-1 -- 692006
from MDC Vacuum Products LLC

Run and jog modes, forward and reverse operation [See More]

  • Communication: RS232; RS422; RS485; TTL
  • Motor / System: Bipolar
  • Axes: 1.0
  • AC Input: 115
1–3 Axis Motion Controller/Driver -- ESP300
from Newport Corporation

Synchronized circular/linear interpolation, 1000x micro step resolution [See More]

  • Communication: GPIB (IEEE 488, HPIB) (optional feature); RS232; TTL
  • Resolution: 18
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Axes: 1.0 to 3.0
OptiScan™II Controller -- ES10
from Prior Scientific, Inc.

Controls as standard: - Stages: ES111 or ES107. - 2 Filter Wheels. - 3 Shutters. - 1 Focus Motor. Upgradeable for encoded focus. 2 x RS232 ports. High Speed USB connection with data transfer rates of up to 32 Kb/s. Smaller, space saving design with dimensions of 210mm x 85mm x 210mm deep. Upgraded... [See More]

  • Communication: RS232; TTL; USB
  • Setup: Computer
  • Motor / System: Bipolar
  • Configuration: Stand Alone