Analog Feedback Stepper Motor Drives Datasheets

6400 Series -- MODEL 6415
from Electromate

The Pacific Scientific 6415 Oscillator/Microstepping Drive Module is an economical microstepping drive with an integral ramped oscillator card. The ramped card contains a stable wide range voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and associated control circuitry which provides step pulses and direction... [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Analog; Velocity; Voltage
  • Motor / System: Bipolar; Hybrid; Microstepping Motor
  • Axes: 1.0
  • Voltage: 75
Stepper Drive Module Series -- AMP-20620
from Galil Motion Control

The SDM-206x0 contains four microstepping drives for operating two-phase bipolar stepper motors. [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Position; Analog; Torque; Slave
  • Axes: 2.0
  • Product: Controller / Drive (optional feature)
  • Motor / System: Unipolar; Bipolar; Permanent Magnet; Full-Step; Half-Step; Microstepping Motor
Drive Electronics for PRECIStep Stepper Motors -- AD CM M

Extremely high speed performance unlike other standard stepper types. Extremely low current consumption. Extremely light and compact. Digital control for simple system integration. Smooth and accurate speed control. High/low temperature operation. Operation in a vacuum. Electronic commutation for... [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Analog
  • Motor / System: Bipolar
  • Axes: 1.0
  • DC Input: 10 to 28
HP Series -- SPiiPlus 3U-2
from ACS Motion Control Inc.

For applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, wafer inspection [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Position; Analog; Slave
  • Resolution: 14
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Axes: 2.0
Board Level Controller -- PMAC2 PCI
from Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

This board can be used installed in an PCI bus host computer or used as a stand-alone motion controller. When combined with the appropriate accessory ACC-8x, it provides four or eight axes of stepper, digital PWM and analog ±10V amplifier command signals. This motion controller is composed of two... [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Position; Analog (optional feature); Slave
  • Resolution: 18
  • Product: PC-Based
  • PC-Based Bus: PCI
Controller only -- Au110
from Excitron Corporation

NEW Extremely compact, yet powerful, motion control system. First of its kind, less than .16" thick, and with all the features you need for robust robotic motion. Excitron is the market leader for high tech innovative motion control products. Includes precision 0.90 degree per half-step stepper... [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Position (optional feature); Analog (optional feature); Velocity; Torque; Slave; Other; STEP/DIR for CNC
  • PC-Based Bus: Other; USB, RS232
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Axes: 1.0 to 52.0
from Kinetek, Inc.

Kinetek Controls 140A Controller for permanent magnet motors provides excellent controlfor motors in traction applications including walk-behind floor scrubbers, mobility carts,wheelchairs, and other equipment requiring similar control processing.Available for both 24V and 36V DC systems, the fully... [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Position; Analog
  • Axes: 2.0
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Motor / System: Permanent Magnet
High-Performance Controller/Driver -- MM4006
from Newport Corporation

Extensive command set including variables and loops, interactive control [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Analog
  • Resolution: 16
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Axes: 1.0 to 8.0
Prodigy PC/104 Motion Card -- PR82*58120
from Performance Motion Devices

The Prodigy ™ Motion Cards provide high performance board level motion control for scientific, automation, industrial,and robotic applications. Available in PCI and PC/104 configurations,these cards support multiple motor types including DC brush, brushless DC, step, and microstepping motors,... [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Position; Analog
  • Resolution: 16
  • Product: PC-Based
  • PC-Based Bus: PC/104