Mode of Operation:Other Stepper Motor Drives Datasheets

P7000 Series -- P70360
from Electromate

P7000 Step Motor Drives are the next generation of Pacific Scientific's line of digital step motor controls. They bring you a unique level of system smoothness, functionality, high-speed performance, and innovation unmatched in the industry. Available for AC or DC operation, P7000 Microstepping... [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Position; Other; OLSD
  • Motor / System: Permanent Magnet
  • Axes: 1.0
  • AC Input: 120 to 240
Step and Direction Stepper Drives -- STR Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The STR series stepper drive is a compact, powerful, digital step and direction drive available in two power ranges: 4 A/phase and 8 A/phase. The STR series is ideal for applications requiring basic step and direction control of a 2-phase step motor. STR drives feature advanced microstepping... [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Other; Cw/Ccw
  • Motor / System: Microstepping Motor
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Phase  : Single Phase (optional feature); Three Phase (optional feature)
Controller only -- Au110
from Excitron Corporation

NEW Extremely compact, yet powerful, motion control system. First of its kind, less than .16" thick, and with all the features you need for robust robotic motion. Excitron is the market leader for high tech innovative motion control products. Includes precision 0.90 degree per half-step stepper... [See More]

  • Operating Mode: Position (optional feature); Analog (optional feature); Velocity; Torque; Slave; Other; STEP/DIR for CNC
  • PC-Based Bus: Other; USB, RS232
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Axes: 1.0 to 52.0