Fiberglass Compression Packing Seals Datasheets

Tetraglas® Square Dry Packing
from Darco Southern, Inc.

Tetraglas Square Dry Packing. Tetraglas Square Dry Packaging is manufactured from Tetraglas texturized yarns. These yarns are square plaited into a dry, dense packing material. This packing will not shrink or swell in service. Used as gasketing on covers of processing kettles and tanks. Also, this... [See More]

  • Material Classification: Fiberglass
  • Cross Section: Square
  • Seal Type: Braided Packing
  • Packing Cross-section Size: 1.25
from John Crane, Inc.

Remarkably good shaft conformability and low friction [See More]

  • Material Classification: Fiberglass; Other (Babbitt Foil)
  • Lubrication Method: Impregnated
  • Lubrication: Graphite; Mineral Oil
  • Rubbing Speed: 1500