Graphite Compression Packing Seals Datasheets

Style 1100CR - Braided Compression Packing -- 1100CR-1000
from Daemar Inc.

Braided from a combination of expanded flexible graphite (1100TCP) and high strength carbon fibers (90). Carbon fibers are braided into the corners to provide anti-extrusion and better abrasion resistance in tough applications. Can give virtually leak free performance. 1100CR was independantly fire... [See More]

  • Material Classification: Carbon; Graphite
  • Packing Cross-section Size: 1
  • Seal Type: Braided Packing
Compression Packing -- No. 681 Expanded Graphite Packing
from Darco Southern, Inc.

Compression type packings are the oldest and still the most common means of controlling fluid loss in mechanical equipment. Made from relatively soft, pliant materials, they find major use in rotary, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, valves, expansion joints, and many other types of mechanical... [See More]

  • Material Classification: Graphite
  • Seal Type: Loose Packing
Thermabraid -- 1000
from EGC Enterprises Inc.

For pumps and low-pressure valves [See More]

  • Material Classification: Graphite
  • Cross Section: Square
  • Seal Type: Braided Packing
  • Packing Cross-section Size: 0.1250
Compression Packing

Interlock braid compression packing [See More]

  • Material Classification: Graphite
  • Cross Section: Square; Round
  • Seal Type: Braided Packing
  • Packing Cross-section Size: 1
Braided Packing -- PKG 5000
from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

Braided packing is used to seal gaps and to fill gland space. The compressive force generated by tightening of the gland produces a radial pressure providing the sealing effect. Seventy percent of the wear on the braided packing occurs on the outer two packing ’s. The inner three rings do... [See More]

  • Material Classification: Graphite
  • Cross Section: Square
  • Seal Type: Braided Packing
  • Construction: Square-Braid; Multi-Braid
from John Crane, Inc.

Remarkably good shaft conformability and low friction [See More]

  • Material Classification: Graphite
  • Rubbing Speed: 3600
  • Lubrication: Graphite; Mineral Oil
  • Operating Pressure: 2500
Grafoil® Flexible Graphite
from Parker Hannifin / Seal Group

Chemical inertness and self lubricating [See More]

  • Material Classification: Graphite
  • Thickness: 0.5000
  • Seal Type: Flexible Graphite Tape (optional feature); Preformed Ring; Adhesive Backing (optional feature)
  • Width: 39

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