PTFE / Graphite Compression Packing Seals Datasheets

Style 165K - Braided Compression Packing -- 165K-1000
from Daemar Inc.

Unique packing combining PTFE graphite with aramid corners. Aramid corners prevent rolls and extrusion. Excellent service packing in severe pump applications. Widley used in paper mills. [See More]

  • Material Classification: Aramid; PTFE / Graphite
  • Packing Cross-section Size: 1
  • Seal Type: Braided Packing
  • Specialty Application: Pump / Rotating Equipment Packing
C1065 CGF
from John Crane, Inc.

Other interlaced braided graphite PTFE packing available [See More]

  • Material Classification: PTFE / Graphite
  • Cross Section: Square
  • Seal Type: Braided Packing
  • Construction: Plaited