Plate / Disc Electric Clutches Datasheets

SYNTEX® Standard Torque Limiter
from KTR Corporation

Product characteristics. Saftey clutch applicable up to 400 Nm. Backlash free and torsionally stiff. Available both as ratchet and synchronous design. Disconnection of drive possible by means of end switch. Safeguarding of high-quality drive units. Application ranges. - machine tools. - X-Y-Z axle... [See More]

  • Engagement: Friction (optional feature); Plate / Disc
  • Speed: 1500
  • Torque: 4.4 to 295.0
  • Voltage: 500
Electromagnetic Slipring Clutch -- 0-006-057 Series
from Orttech, Inc.

Friction combination: Steel/sinter for wet-running steel/sinter and steel/organic friction lining for dry-running. The magnetic flux does not flow through the plate stack, therefore there is no restriction on the friction combination that can be used. Power feed: Via sliprings and brushes. [See More]

  • Engagement: Friction; Plate / Disc
  • Magnetic Type: Electromagnetic
  • Torque: 11.1 to 1769.9
  • Shaft: In-line