Wrap Spring Electric Clutches Datasheets

EC Series Wrap Spring Clutch -- Model EC15
from GEEPLUS Inc.

Wrap spring clutches are used in applications where several axis need to be engaged/disengaged and synchronised to a rotating main drive axis. By using gears other speeds can also be realised. Typical examples for applications are paper transportation in printers, copiers or money handling and money... [See More]

  • Engagement: Wrap Spring
  • Power: 0.0034
  • Torque: 1.3
  • Voltage: 12 to 24
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

Electromagnetic Spring Wrap Clutch - High Torque, Static Torque: 150 lb.in., Max. Operating Speed: 1000 rpm, 0.3755 in. Bore, Weight: 1 lb. [See More]

  • Engagement: Wrap Spring
  • Speed: 1000
  • Torque: 12.5
  • Bore Diameter: 0.3755
M-Series Magnetic Clutch -- M50
from Tiny-Clutch | Helander Products, Inc.

The M-Series Tiny-Clutches combine the high torque capacity of a spring clutch with the convenience and control of a conventional electric clutch. Based on a standard wrap spring clutch, with the added feature of an electromagnetic coil that actuates it, these clutches consumes a mere 2.5 Watts of... [See More]

  • Engagement: Wrap Spring
  • Speed: 3000
  • Torque: 2.1
  • Voltage: 6 to 90