Zero Backlash Electric Clutches Datasheets

from Electroid Company

Ball bearing mounted rotor [See More]

  • Features: Zero-Backlash
  • Speed: 10000
  • Torque: 0.2
  • Engagement: Magnetic Particle
SOFSTEP® Clutch -- PSC120-24V

When you need precise torque and tension control, use the original SOFSTEP ® clutches with MAGPOWR controls. As the industry leader in tension technology, MAGPOWR is the original SOFSTEP provider. SOFSTEP clutches are available in a variety of sizes with torque rates from 2 to 120 lb-in... [See More]

  • Features: Feedback (optional feature); Other; Zero-Backlash; Adaptable
  • Speed: 1000
  • Torque: 10.0
  • Voltage: 24
A-Series Roller Clutch -- A106
from Tiny-Clutch | Helander Products, Inc.

A-Series Tiny-Clutches are miniature roller and cam type single revolution clutches. They also function as a general purpose, rapid action clutch for selectively coupling a continuously rotating input and a driven shaft. The clutch features fast response, high torque capacity for a given size and... [See More]

  • Features: Adjustable Torque; Zero-Backlash; Bidirectional
  • Speed: 4000
  • Torque: 4.2
  • Magnetic Type: Electromagnetic (optional feature)