Screw Type:Other Screws Datasheets

SEELSKREW® Type R Phillips Recessed Standard Pan Head Screw -- 1/4-20UNC-2A
from APM Hexseal Corp.

APM's SEELSKREWS are designed to both fasten and seal out air, water, lubricants and other liquid or gaseous contaminants. APM self-sealing screws which provide metal to metal contact are available in many standard thread sizes and with optional sealing materials. The sealing screws are vibration... [See More]

  • Screw Type: Pan Head Screw
  • Standard Drives: Philips / Frearson
  • Head Type: Pan Head
Tap and Drill Bit Screw -- Inch Size
from Bayou City Bolt & Supply Co., Inc.

US INCH STANDARDS & METRICS. Hex Cap Screws have hexagonal heads and machine threads for use with a nut or in a tapped hole. They are generally used in precise applications such as OEM settings where tight tolerances are required. The most common grades for Inch Standard Hex Cap Screws are 2, 5... [See More]

  • Screw Type: Tap and Drill Screw
  • Finish: Black Oxide (optional feature); Galvanized (optional feature); Zinc Plated (optional feature); PTFE (Xylan)
  • Head Type: Hexagon Head
  • Fastener Standards: ASME/ANSI (optional feature); SAE (optional feature); ASTM
from Berg W.M., Inc.


  • Standard Drives: Slotted
  • Length: 0.7500
  • Material: Stainless Steel
Confirmat Screw - by 40.0 mm -- 463146
from Essentra Components

Confirmat Screw - by 40.0 mm [See More]

  • Screw Type: Confirmat Screws
  • Finish: Zinc Plated
  • Material: Steel
Adjustable Torque Toggle Screws
from Jergens, Inc.

Material: Stem, Stressproof Pad, 4140. Finish: Stem, Black Oxide Head, Chrome Plate. Pad: Angular movement either side of center (total 16 °). Available in FixturePro ™ Design Software and PartSpec CD [See More]

  • Screw Type: Adjustable Torque Toggle Screws
  • Finish: Black Oxide; Chrome
  • Material: Steel
from RS Components, Ltd.

Our popular hexagon socket countersunk screws are an excellent choice when you need a fastener to sit flush or below the surface of your material. Our RS metric thread countersunk screws are produced in 10.9 grade steel. These fasteners have a bright zinc-plated finish which ensures an attractive,... [See More]

  • Screw Type: Socket Screws
  • Head Type: Hexagon Head
  • Length: 1.77
  • Material: Steel
Bar-Tite Hoist Rings Replacement Stud -- 33950
from ADB®

Material: High Tensile Alloy Steel. Design Factor: 100% Magnetic Particle Inspected, Certified Heat Treatment, Hoist Rings retain the same rated load from 0 to 90 degrees from the bolt axis, Safety Factor: Minimum of 5:1. Ran [See More]

  • Screw Type: Stud
  • Material: Steel
  • Other Size Specs: 1 1/4 COIL
Cross Recessed Flat Head Screw -- SPE-M2.6x4-F [SPE-M2.6x4-F from Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha (NBK)]
from Alliance for Precision Systems, Div of TPA, LLC

Chemical, thermal, water, abrasion, shock, fatigue, radiation resistance [See More]

  • Screw Type: Cap Screw; Plastic Screw
  • Head Type: Flat Head
  • Length: 0.1575
  • Standard Drives: Philips / Frearson
Hex Nut / Screw (Jack Screw) -- 30D1-12440

Hex nut / screw (jack screw), # 4 - 40, 11.40 mm (100 pcs per bag) [See More]

  • Screw Type: Hex Nut/Jack Screw
  • Other Size Specs: # 4 - 40
  • Length: 0.4488
  • Head Type: Hexagon Head
from Crown Bolt, Inc.

Size: 5/32 " X 1-1/4 ". Package Type: Polybag. UPC: 30699433919 [See More]

  • Screw Type: Dowel
  • Material: Steel
  • Other Size Specs: 5/32"
  • Finish: Zinc Plated
Leland Powell Fasteners, Inc. -- Grip-Lite™ Screws
from Elgin Fastener Group

Grip-Lite ™ Screws. Manufacturing today is more competitive and cost conscious than ever. You must find ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. As more sheet metal panel assemblies turn to thinner and thinner gauges, Leland Powell Fasteners, Inc. has a fastener that provides cost... [See More]

  • Screw Type: Grip-Lite Screw
  • Head Type: Hexagon Head
Jack Screw -- 448918
from Fastener SuperStore, Inc.

3/16 (AF) Hex Jack Screws / Steel / Zinc / 4-40 X 3/16. A hex shaped mechanical device that has an opening with a partial internal thread at one end, and an externally threaded post at the opposite end. Advantages: Used to mount D-subminiature connectors to a metal panel, such as the housing of a... [See More]

  • Screw Type: Jack Screw
  • Head Type: Hexagon Head; Other; 4-40 Internal Thread
  • Length: 0.1875
  • Material: Steel
FL - HILO -- M3.5 X 10

90 deg flat head, thread forming, custom sizes/other finishes available [See More]

  • Screw Type: Self Drilling / Thread Cutting Screw; Screws for Plastic
  • Head Type: Flat Head
  • Length: 0.3622 to 0.3937
  • Standard Drives: Philips / Frearson (optional feature); Posidriv® (optional feature); Torx (optional feature)
Cabinet Screws -- SPAX® Cabinet Screws - #10 x 2-1/2"
from Spax International

SPAX ® Cabinet Screws are a unique, quality fastener engineered to ensure a secure, aesthetically-pleasing installation of fine cabinetry. Large, low-profile head design provides increased load bearing area. T-STAR Plus drive promotes superior bit engagement, especially for overhead work. [See More]

  • Screw Type: Wood Screw; CABINET SCREWS
  • Finish: Zinc Chromate
  • Standard Drives: Torx
CDS™ COMPOSITE DECK SCREWS *100 Pack Pails -- 212CDS100G
from Sure Drive USA

CDS ™ COMPOSITE DECK SCREWS *100 Pack Pails [See More]

  • Screw Type: Decking Screw
  • Length: 2.5
Book Screws
from TFC Ltd.

Ideal for securing sample books, colour fans, loose - leaf albums, catalogues etc. Easily assembled and disassembled. Positive and secure fixing. Material: Nylon 6. Colour: White, Black [See More]

  • Screw Type: Book Screws
  • Material: Plastic; Nylon
TroxellUSA - Backer board screws - 1 1/2" (800 PCS/TUB) -- 33-8114
from TroxellUSA

1 1/2" Contractor grade screws for all types of under layments and concrete backer boards. 800pcs tub Attaches up to 1" material to wood or light gauge steel [See More]

  • Screw Type: TroxellUSA - Backer board screws - 1 1/2" (800 PCS/TUB)
  • Length: 1.5
Nylon Binder Combo Screws -- 91764
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

non-corrosive, vibration resistant, and anti-magnetic. They are also inert, non-toxic, tasteless, weather resistant, non-aging, and non-sparking. Mechanically stable, non-flammable and will not support combustion. The nylon max temp is 200 F. Excellent for use in chemical industry, oil refineries,... [See More]

  • Screw Type: Binder Combo Screw
  • Material: Plastic; Nylon
  • Head Type: Binding Head