Material:Other Bolts Datasheets

Button Head Socket Cap Screw -- Inch Series
from Bayou City Bolt & Supply Co., Inc.

A type of bolt with a recess inside the bolt's head. Socket head cap screws require assembly with a hex key (Allen Key) or a hex bit driven by an impact tool. Hex socket (Allen) drives are compact and easy to drive, but prone to cam-out. The most common types of Socket Cap Screws are: Socket head... [See More]

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Fastener Standards: ASME/ANSI; DIN; ASTM
Hastelloy® C-22 -- Fastener
from High Performance Alloys, Inc.

HASTELLOY Alloy C-22 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with enhanced resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. It resists the formation of grain boundary precipitates in the weld-heat affected zone making it suitable for use in the as-welded condition. C-22 has... [See More]

  • Material: Superalloy; Exotic Metals; Hastelloy
from USA Fastener, an MW Industries Company

Founded in 2002, USA Fastener has established itself as a recognized leader in the fastener industry. Located in Houston, Texas with nearly 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space, USA Fastener has positioned itself to provide customers with quality products in a timely and... [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Flange Bolt (optional feature); Hexagon Bolt (optional feature)
  • Finish: Black Oxide (optional feature); Phosphate (optional feature); Zinc Plated (optional feature); Zinc Chromate (optional feature)
  • Material: Bronze (optional feature); Brass (optional feature); Copper (optional feature); Superalloy (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature); Titanium (optional feature); Exotic Metals (optional feature); Nylon (optional feature); PTFE (optional feature); Rubber (optional feature)
  • Fastener Standards: ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturing Facility
Lister Bolt Grinding Mill Liner Bolts
from Columbus McKinnon Corporation Hoists & Rigging Products

Proof Load PSI: 33,000 to 120,000 lbs. To meet the specific needs of the mining industry, Columbus McKinnon Corporation manufactures high-strength grinding mill liner bolts for mining applications. After electric induction heating, bolt heads are forged from a selection of over 200 forging dies. [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Shoulder Bolt; Grinding Mill Liner Bolt
  • Material: Steel; Forged Steel
Mil-Spec Bolt -- 401791
from Fastener SuperStore, Inc.

1/4-20 X 1 1/4 (MS90725-10) Military Grade 5 Hex Cap Screws MS90725 / Grade 5 / Cadmium Yellow. Tested & Certified to Military Standards. [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Hexagon Bolt
  • Material: Grade 5
  • Length: 1.25
  • Finish: Cadmium Yellow
Stud Bolt -- ASTM A193 Grade B16 Alloy
from Leader Global Technologies

Description: Fully threaded stud bolts available in standard and custom lengths. High strength alloy quenched and tempered material with excellent tensile strength characteristics for higher temperature bolted joints and flanged connections. Key Features: Corrosion resistant coatings for studs... [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Stud Bolt
  • Material: Alloy
All-Metal Self-Locking Fasteners -- Dyna-Thred® II
from Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation

The patented Dyna-Thred lock is formed of the fastener itself and requires use of no additional locking element materials. Locking action takes place in a full hoop, 360 ° around the thread, providing an equal load on all sides. Dyna-Thred II fasteners are available in a wide variety of head... [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Carriage Bolt; Hexagon Bolt; Fillister, Button, Round, Binder, Truss. Socket Cap
  • Finish: Cadmium, Silver Plate, Passivate, Dry Film Lube
  • Material: Steel; Hardened Steel; Inconel™
from MS Aerospace, Inc.

Bolts/Screws [See More]

  • Other Size Specs: 3/16
  • Material: A286
TEFLON Plated Stud Bolt -- LD-023-BN-PTFE3
from Xiamen Landee Industries Co., Ltd.

Stud Nuts and Bolts with A193 B7/A194 Material, Available in Different Sizes. Model Number: LD-023-BN-PTFE3. Key Specifications/Special Features: Material: A193 B7/A194 2H; A193 B7M/A194 2HM; A320 L7/A194 7; A320 L7M/A19 [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Stud Bolt
  • Other Size Specs: 1/4 to 4 inches
  • Length: 0.2500 to 20
  • Material: Steel (optional feature); Hardened Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature); A193 B7/A194