Toothed Electric Brakes Datasheets

Toothed Brake -- Type 72
from SG Transmission

The toothed brake offers a higher torque than conventional, single face friction brakes. The brake may be engaged while at a standstill or synchronized with the toothed driving ring speed. This product can be used dry or in oil and will work up to a maximum temperature of 90 °C. This toothed... [See More]

  • Engagement: Friction; Toothed
  • Power: 0.0268 to 0.0536
  • Torque: 11.06 to 184
  • Shaft: In-line
from Electroid Company

Six pole AC 3 phase brake, two poles per phase, wound field and armature [See More]

  • Engagement: Toothed
  • Operation: Spring Actuation / Engage
  • Torque: 0.2083
  • Shaft: In-line; Right Angle