Pressed-In Threaded Inserts Datasheets

Press-in Threaded Inserts, Flange-Head - Metric -- PFLB-M3-1
from PennEngineering

Press-fit insert with strong, reusable threads. No heat or ultrasonics required. Flange-head eliminates direct contact of plastic with mating parts. Slotted insert compresses allowing easy access into the mounting hole [See More]

  • Installation Method: Pressed-In
  • Units: Metric
  • Base Materials: Metal
  • Metric: M3
Inserts for Plastic -- Series 15

Series 15 Standard, Series 16 Flanged and Series 18 Reverse Expansion — Expansion Inserts provide permanent reusable threads at the lowest in-place cost for light duty applications. Reverse Expansion Inserts offer exceptional performance for applications where the bolt is entering from the... [See More]

  • Installation Method: Pressed-In (Expansion Insert)
  • External Thread Size: Diamond Knurl, 0.166 - 0.389" Diameter
  • Base Materials: Plastic
  • Length: 0.1880 to 0.5630
Post Molded Threaded Insert -- 94500
from Stanley Engineered Fastening - Spiralock

These inserts are press-fit into a drilled or molded hole after the molding process has been completed. The process of press-fitting inserts allows users to install inserts without the use of heat or ultrasonics. This is accomplished by placing the insert into the appropriate hole size and driving... [See More]

  • Installation Method: Pressed-In
  • Internal Thread Size: 4-40
  • Base Materials: Plastic
  • Hole: Straight
Fine Adjustment Bushings -- FA1-B100-1
from APW Company

Adjuster Bushing 1/4-80 x 5/16 long [See More]

  • Installation Method: Pressed-In
  • Length: 0.3120
  • Internal Thread Size: 3/16"
  • Hole: Straight
Threaded Insert -- 593090
from ERICO

ERICO offers a range of accessories to complement CADDY fixing systems. Features. Threaded Rods. Electro zinc or stainless steel. From M6 up to M12. Lengths 1 metre, 2 metres and 3 metres. RMF and RFF Reducers. Male/Female. Female/Female. Cable Ties. Polyamide. Stainless. ISN. Adaptable everywhere,... [See More]

  • Installation Method: Pressed-In (Expansion Insert)
  • Length: 1.18
  • Base Materials: Metal
  • Hole: Straight
Expansion Diamond Zert -- EDZ - 1024 - 371

Press-in expansion insert with diamond knurl, headed/reverse headed option [See More]

  • Installation Method: Pressed-In (optional feature) (Expansion Insert)
  • Internal Thread Size: 10-24
  • Base Materials: Plastic
  • External Thread Size: Insert Diameter: 0.249 in
B1P Brass Press In Insert - Inch -- B1P-0256-156
from Sherex Fastening Solutions

For use in straight holes. Mating screw expands the brass insert locking it in place. Can be installed in thermoset ot thermoplastic materials. Press in installation eliminates the need for hear or ultrasonic. Class 2B per ANSI/ASME B1.1 Press In – This method involves using a press to push... [See More]

  • Installation Method: Pressed-In (Expansion Insert)
  • Internal Thread Size: 2-56 UNC
  • Base Materials: Metal
  • External Thread Size: 0.135" External Diameter
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 1024SF12-12
from Yardley Products Corp.

Curved hooks lock into material, high resistance to rotation and pull-out [See More]

  • Installation Method: Thermal; Ultrasonic; Pressed-In; Threaded Hole
  • Internal Thread Size: 10-24
  • Base Materials: Plastic; Wood; Thermoset, Thermoplastic, Particle Board
  • Length: 0.3750

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