Thermal Threaded Inserts Datasheets

Low Stress Zert -- LSZ - 1024 - 374

Rounded knurl pattern for notch sensitive plastics, headed option [See More]

  • Installation Method: Thermal (optional feature); Molded-In (optional feature); Pressed-In (optional feature)
  • Internal Thread Size: 10-24
  • Base Materials: Plastic
  • External Thread Size: Insert Diameter: 0.27 in
B1U Ultrasonic Brass Insert - Inch -- B1U-0256-115
from Sherex Fastening Solutions

For use in straight holes. Self aligning lead in for accurate installation. Opposing diagonal knurls provide excellent torque resistance. Undercuts for superior tensile strength. Installed ultrasonically or with heat. Class 2B per ANSI/ASME B1.1. Installation Methods: Ultrasonic - Insert is placed... [See More]

  • Installation Method: Thermal; Ultrasonic
  • Internal Thread Size: 2-56 UNC
  • Base Materials: Metal
  • External Thread Size: 0.142" External Diameter
Flanged Sharp-Sert® -- 1024SF12-12
from Yardley Products Corp.

Curved hooks lock into material, high resistance to rotation and pull-out [See More]

  • Installation Method: Thermal; Ultrasonic; Pressed-In; Threaded Hole
  • Internal Thread Size: 10-24
  • Base Materials: Plastic; Wood; Thermoset, Thermoplastic, Particle Board
  • Length: 0.3750