Manufacturing Processing High Vacuum Pumps Datasheets

COOLVAC 800 Cryopumps -- 844160V1002
from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA Inc.

Hydrocarbon-free high vacuum. High capacity for argon and hydrogen. High crossover value. Simple operation. Trouble-free integration into complex systems. Fully automatic regeneration through Cryo Compact Control. Easy servicing [See More]

  • Application: Industrial; Scientific; Manufacturing; Medical / Laboratory; Beam Tubes / UHV Systems
  • Pumping Speed: 5509
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
  • UHV / High Vacuum: Cryogenic or Cryosorption
Maglev Hybrid Turbomolecular Pump -- ATH 1300 M/T
from Adixen

High throughput applications. ATH 500 M, ATH 1300 M, ATH 1600 M and ATH 2303 M are designed for high pressure, high throughput pumping needed for coating, photovoltaic and other industrial applications. 5 corrosion proof features. • Automatic balancing system. • Built-in 75 °C heating... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial; Scientific; Manufacturing; Medical / Laboratory; Pharm/Sanitary; Semiconductor; Micro Machining, Coating, R&D
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 6.00E-9
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
  • Pumping Speed: 2649
from Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation

49 inches L x 29 W x 52 H, 2400 lbs, water cooled ~2 gpm [See More]

  • Application: Industrial; Chemical (optional feature); Food; Manufacturing
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 0.0200 to 0.0500
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump; Combination (optional feature)
  • Pumping Speed: 300