Ion High Vacuum Pumps Datasheets

High Vacuum Ion Pump -- Miniature Pump
from Agilent Vacuum Technologies

Agilent Technologies offers a wide variety of small size ion pumps designed especially for electron device and detector applications. The Miniature VacIon pump is a diode configuration and provides approximately 0.4 l/s of nitrogen pumping speed. The 2 l/s model is a modified diode configuration to... [See More]

  • UHV / High Vacuum: Ion
  • Application: Industrial
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
MODION® Modular Ion Pump -- C-0609DM
from Kernco, Inc.

The Kernco MODION appendage pump/gauge system was originally developed for in-house space qualified long-lived hardware. In the field, MODION pump systems have accumulated years of unmatched performance and reliability both in ground-based applications and in multiple satellite and manned space... [See More]

  • UHV / High Vacuum: Ion
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 1.00E-8 to 1.00E-4
  • Configuration: Vacuum Pump System or Station
  • Pumping Speed: 2.12
PST Series -- PST-030AU
from ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

Sputter ion pumps are one type of pump used to create ultra-high vacuums, and are used in many analyzers and accelerators. ULVAC's acter pumps are designed for developing new elements (acter elements) with improved evacuation characteristics at ultra-high and extremely high vacuums, and to optimize... [See More]

  • UHV / High Vacuum: Ion
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 7.50E-12
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
  • Pumping Speed: 63.57