Compact Pumping Systems -- Packtel Series - P025A5
from Adixen

The Packtel 1025 is a compact, robust pumping system that pumps from atmosphere down to 10-5/10-8mbar. Accomodate on 7 or 30 l/s turbomolecular pump and a 5 m3/h Pascal rotary vane pump, plus the options and accessories of the 1025 family. The system is available in several versions to meet the... [See More]

  • Mechanical: Rotary Vane
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 7.50E-5
  • Configuration: Vacuum Pump System or Station
  • Pumping Speed: 15.89
High-Vacuum Pumps for Corrosive Gases -- GO-79201-00
from Cole-Parmer

Rotary vane vacuum pump for corrosive gases, 0.9 cfm, 115 VAC. Corrosion-resistant parts-ideal for pumping corrosive gases such as Clsub2/sub, HBr, Fsub3/subCCOsub2/subH, and HOAC. Pumps draw clean oil from top of oil reservoir, not from the bottom as do direct-drive pumps. Large oil reservoir... [See More]

  • Mechanical: Rotary Vane
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 0.0030 to 0.0200
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
  • Pumping Speed: 0.9000