Floor / Skid High Vacuum Pumps Datasheets

COOLVAC 10.000 CL Cryopumps -- 844 610
from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA Inc.

Hydrocarbon-free high vacuum. High capacity for argon and hydrogen. High crossover value. Simple operation. Trouble-free integration into complex systems. Fully automatic regeneration through Cryo Compact Control. Easy servicing [See More]

  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
  • UHV / High Vacuum: Cryogenic or Cryosorption
  • Pumping Speed: 63566
  • Pump Stages: Two Stage
Kinney® CC Booster Systems™ Close Coupled Mechanical Booster Vacuum Pump Systems -- Model CC1650
from Tuthill Corporation / Vacuum & Blower Systems

Kinney ® CC Close-Coupled Mechanical Booster Vacuum Pump Systems are designed to provide very fast pumpdown and high pumping speed. A single motor drives both the pump and the booster so both start at atmospheric pressure. These compact systems occupy very little floor space and are easily... [See More]

  • Configuration: Vacuum Pump System or Station
  • Pumping Speed: 900
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 50
  • Motor Power: 40
Compact Dry Pumping Systems -- DRYTEL Series - D025AQ
from Adixen

The Adixen brand Drytel series dry pumping system provides a compact, portable, reliable dry vacuum design. Systems provide one switch operation from atmosphere to 10-8 mbar. The secondary pumps are available in 7.5 or 30 liter/second pumping speeds, diaphragm-backing pumps in 1 or 4 m3/hr. Options... [See More]

  • Configuration: Vacuum Pump System or Station
  • Pumping Speed: 15.89
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 7.50E-5
  • UHV / High Vacuum: Molecular Drag
Compound Molecular Pump -- FF-100 / 110E
from Drytek Distribution

These turbo pumps are ideal for economical standard applications requiring simple and reliable high vacuum. Features. Economical. Ceramic ball bearings. ISO/CF flange choice [See More]

  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
  • Pumping Speed: 233
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 4.50E-9 to 4.50E-8
  • UHV / High Vacuum: Turbomolecular; Molecular Drag
from Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation

49 inches L x 29 W x 52 H, 2400 lbs, water cooled ~2 gpm [See More]

  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump; Combination (optional feature)
  • Pumping Speed: 300
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 0.0200 to 0.0500
  • Mechanical: Rotary
PST Series -- PST-030AU
from ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

Sputter ion pumps are one type of pump used to create ultra-high vacuums, and are used in many analyzers and accelerators. ULVAC's acter pumps are designed for developing new elements (acter elements) with improved evacuation characteristics at ultra-high and extremely high vacuums, and to optimize... [See More]

  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
  • Pumping Speed: 63.57
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 7.50E-12
  • UHV / High Vacuum: Ion