Vacuum Component Type:Other Vacuum Flanges and Fittings Datasheets

SLSA-1 Series -- A-3350068
from ANVER Corporation

Rotating [See More]

  • Component Type: Adapter; Vacuum Cup Suspension Assemblies
  • Materials: Mirror polished or electro-polished surfaces; Brass / Bronze
  • Port Type: Threaded
Genesis Modular Fitting -- Tri Bow
from Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

Genesis modular fittings provide the most compact, highest conductance vacuum components when used with the Genesis valves. These fittings attach with Nor-Cal double stud fasteners, or with finger clamps. Features and General Specs: Compact design. High conductance. Attaches with double stud... [See More]

  • Component Type: Tri Bow
  • Temperature Range: 150 to 204
  • Port Type: Flange
  • Thickness / Length: 2.12 to 3.25
ISO-K Flexible Compensation Element -- 272 23
from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA Inc.

The clamp flange connection (to DIN 28 404 and ISO 1609) allows componentsfrom DN 63 to DN 630 to be connected in any position regardless of thebolt hole arrangement on any fixed flanges. It consists of two clamp flange components, a centering ring with an outer ring enclosingthe O-ring gasket, and... [See More]

  • Component Type: FlexCoupling; Compensation Element
  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: Elastomeric / O-ring; ISO-MF (Multi-fastener / Universal)
  • Port Type: Flange
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: (HV, < 10-3, >10-8 torr)
Adaptive Bolt Ring
from A&N Corporation

Aluminum body. Converts ISO-LF and ISO-LFB flanges to ISO-QF flanges. O.D. and bolt pattern match ISO-LFB flanges [See More]

  • Component Type: Bolt Ring
  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: ISO-MF (Multi-fastener / Universal); ISO-KF (Small Clamped, <2")
  • Port Type: Flange
  • ISO Flange Size: NW 63 (optional feature); NW 80 (optional feature); NW 100 (optional feature); NW 160 (optional feature); NW 200 (optional feature)
Reducers - Rotatable -- 062903
from Adixen

All vacuum systems require connections with either pumping systems or different peripheral accessories such as vacuum gauges, valves, etc... While these connections have to preserve vacuum integrity, they also have to be modular to allow flexibility and required maintenance. All vacuum applications... [See More]

  • Component Type: FullNipple; Reducers - Rotatable
  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: ISO-CF (Metal Seal); Proprietary ConflatTM type flange or fitting
  • Port Type: Flange
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: (HV, < 10-3, >10-8 torr); (UHV,  < 10-8 torr); Elevated or positive pressures (>> 760 torr); Atmosphere to 10-13 mbar
ASA Flanges and Fittings -- ASA Reducer Nipples
from EBARA Technologies, Inc.

Rotatable or nonrotatable flanges [See More]

  • Component Type: Reducer Nipple
  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: ASA
  • Port Type: Flange
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: 0.00000000001 torr
from Edwards Vacuum

When you buy fittings from Edwards, you can expect the service that only a leading international supplier can offer you. Whether you are an OEM (needing scheduled deliveries of component kits for series production) or a unique system builder, you can rely on your local supplier to meet all your... [See More]

  • Component Type: Seal
  • Temperature Range: 14 to 392
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: (HV, < 10-3, >10-8 torr); Elevated or positive pressures (>> 760 torr)
  • Materials: Plastic (optional feature); Nitrile
Watercooled ISO KF Clamp Style -- 715114
from MDC Vacuum Products LLC

Nominal water flow rate of 6 to 8 gpm at 60 psi [See More]

  • Component Type: HalfNipple; Watercooled Fitting
  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: Elastomeric / O-ring; ISO-KF (Small Clamped, <2"); Proprietary VCRTM or VCOTM type fitting
  • Port Type: Flange; ButtWeld
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: (HV, < 10-3, >10-8 torr)
Series 23 ButtWeld Vacuum Components -- Series 23
from MKS Instruments, Inc.

Precision, cleanliness and absoluteintegrity, coupled with process chemistry experience shapes MKS to beuniquely positioned to offer extensive clean assembly, vacuum andprecision engineering products and services to OEM customers. We arespecialists in the manufacture and customization of precision... [See More]

  • Component Type: Access Cap / Cover; Cap; BallSocket; Clamp; Adapter; Bulkhead; FlangeAssembly; 4-WayCross; 5-WayCross; 6-way cross or cube; Elbow90°; Elbow45°; Centering Ring; FullNipple; HalfNipple; Return; Tee; Flange; Viewport; Stub; Yes
  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: ISO-CF (Metal Seal); ISO-MF (Multi-fastener / Universal); ISO-KF (Small Clamped, <2")
  • Port Type: Flange
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: (UHV,  < 10-8 torr)
from Swagelok Company

OFHC Copper Gasket for CF Fitting, CF 133 Flange Size [See More]

  • Component Type: Copper Gasket
  • Materials: Copper
  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: Metal Seal; ISO-CF (Metal Seal)
Push-In Venturi Vacuum Cartridges for Vaccon Pumps and OEM Equipment -- C100H
from Vaccon Company, Inc.

Vaccon offers 13 different single-stage venturi vacuum cartridges for the Mini and Mid Series vacuum pumps and manifolds. Ideally suited for machine designers, venturi cartridges easily fit into OEM cavities creating an unrecognizable (proprietary) vacuum source. “Vaccon Cartridges - The Power... [See More]

  • Component Type: Interchangeable nozzle, diffuser
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: Low or roughing vacuum level (> 1 torr)
  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: Elastomeric / O-ring
  • Temperature Range: 30 to 250