ISO-LF (Large Flange) Vacuum Flanges and Fittings Datasheets

ISO-K Centering Ring Adapter with O-Ring -- 105 25
from Leybold USA Inc.

The clamp flange connection (to DIN 28 404 and ISO 1609) allows componentsfrom DN 63 to DN 630 to be connected in any position regardless of thebolt hole arrangement on any fixed flanges. It consists of two clamp flange components, a centering ring with an outer ring enclosingthe O-ring gasket, and... [See More]

  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: Elastomeric / O-ring; ISO-MF (Multi-fastener / Universal); ISO-MF (Multi-fastener / Universal)
  • Port Type: Flange
  • Component Type: Centering Ring
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: (HV, < 10-3, >10-8 torr)
Adaptive Bolt Ring
from A&N Corporation

Aluminum body. Converts ISO-LF and ISO-LFB flanges to ISO-QF flanges. O.D. and bolt pattern match ISO-LFB flanges [See More]

  • Flange System & Fitting Seal: ISO-MF (Multi-fastener / Universal); ISO-KF (Small Clamped, <2")
  • Port Type: Flange
  • Component Type: Bolt Ring
  • ISO Flange Size: NW 63 (optional feature); NW 80 (optional feature); NW 100 (optional feature); NW 160 (optional feature); NW 200 (optional feature)