Ferrous Targets Eddy Current Proximity Sensors Datasheets

10000 Series -- Model 10001
from Metrix Instrument Co.

Optional probe driver, radial vibration or position probe transmitter [See More]

  • Target Material: Non-Magnetic Targets; Ferrous Targets
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 351
  • Operation Distance: ? to 0.0787
  • Output Load: AC Load
GL-18H/18HL -- GL-18H
from Panasonic

The GL-18H/18HL series is a long-range (up to 12mm) proximity sensor. It offers high performance at a very low price. Two sensors can be mounted close together (as close as 20mm) utilizing the alternate frequency type that is available. [See More]

  • Target Material: Non-Magnetic Targets; Ferrous Targets; Non-ferrous Targets
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to 70
  • Operation Distance: 0.0 to 4
  • Switch Type: Normally Open
Driveway Warning System -- Vehicle Alert™ (VAL-1)
from Winland Electronics, Inc.

Be alerted when a vehicle enters your remote driveway or comes to your business drive up window. This unit is designed to detect metal objects and therefore will not alarm for wild animals or pedestrians. The Vehicle Alert ™ can be integrated with any alarm system and will activate alarms,... [See More]

  • Target Material: Ferrous Targets