Alarm Indicator Pressure Switches Datasheets

from ifm efector inc.

Electronic pressure sensor, with analog display, DC PNP/NPN, Quick disconnect, analogue display, 4-digit alphanumeric display, 2 Output, OUT1 = Switching output, OUT2 = Analog output, 4-digit alphanumeric display [See More]

  • Features: Temperature Compensated; Alarm Indicator
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge; Compound
  • Sensor Technology: Variable Capacitance
  • Material: Liquid; Gas
Differential Pressure Switch/Alarm -- PSW-180
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

• 5 Amp Relay or Built In Audible Alarm Available. • Up to 150 PSI Operating Pressure. • NEMA-4 Rated Housing [See More]

  • Features: Alarm Indicator
  • Material: Liquid; Gas
  • Pressure Measurement: Differential
  • Accuracy: 1
400 Series Differential Pressure Switch -- Model 147
from Clark Solutions

The 400 Series is a versatile family of pressure, differential pressure and temperature switches for applications which require single or multiple switching capabilities. Dual or triple switch versions provide multi-output in applications such as alarm and shutdown, pre-alarm and alarm, high/low... [See More]

  • Features: Alarm Indicator
  • Pressure Measurement: Differential
  • Sensor Technology: Mechanical Deflection
  • Material: Gas
Model 100LEDP10H20
from DigiVac

This gauge measures from 1 micron (1x10^-3 Torr) up to 1999 Microns. This gauge will display integer micron readings from 200 microns to 1999 microns, and will read tenths of microns when the indicated vacuum is less than 199.9 microns. [See More]

  • Features: Alarm Indicator; TTL Compatible; Calibrated Against NIST
  • Pressure Measurement: Absolute; Differential; Sealed; Vacuum; Negative Pressure
  • Sensor Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Material: Gas
Air Filter Switch, Non-Locking - Ampseal 16 -- 196351
from Filter MinderĀ®

Continuously monitors air filter and tells when filter is restricted. Triggers air filter warning light via the engine computer or directly to the warning light. Used for air filter monitoring on diesel, gas, and alternate fuel engines, as well as other applications where low vacuum/pressure... [See More]

  • Features: Alarm Indicator; Made Of Nylon
  • Material: Gas (optional feature); Engine Air Filters
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge; Vacuum
  • Accuracy: 10
500 Series Mag-Switch -- 500
from NOSHOK, Inc.

Features & Benefits. Ranges available from -30 inHg vacuum through 15,000 psi. Semi-conductor switching relays(no mechanical contacts). Proven diaphragm pressure sensing technology, Hall Effect magnetic field sensing technology & semi-conductor switching technology provide excellent... [See More]

  • Features: Alarm Indicator
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge; Compound; Vacuum
  • Sensor Technology: Mechanical Deflection; Hall Effect
  • Material: Liquid; Gas
Heavy-Duty Diaphragm Sensor Differential Pressure Gauge -- 1533DGS
from Orange Research, Inc.

Heavy-Duty Diaphragm Sensor for Liquids & Gases. These diaphragm sensor differential pressure gauges measure the pressure difference between two points. Acting in the place of two pressure gauges, these units allow for one simple reading on an easy-to-read scale. Popular in filtration, flow and... [See More]

  • Features: Alarm Indicator
  • Pressure Measurement: Differential
  • Sensor Technology: Mechanical Deflection
  • Material: Liquid; Gas
Delta-Pro™ 24 Series Pressure Switch
from United Electric Controls Company

The cost-effective 24 Series Delta-Pro ™ pressure, vacuum, and differential pressure switches offer a unique blend of compact size, excellent performance, and environmental protection. Available with brass or polysulfone pressure connections the Delta-Pro is ideal for applications involving... [See More]

  • Features: Alarm Indicator (optional feature)
  • Pressure Measurement: Differential (optional feature); Gauge (optional feature); Vacuum (optional feature)
  • Sensor Technology: Mechanical Deflection
  • Material: Liquid; Gas