inches of Hg Pressure Switches Datasheets

KEYENCE Compact Digital Pressure Sensor -- AP-C30K

KEYENCE Compact Digital Pressure Sensor: AP-C30K Series. •. Built in amplifier. •. Easy installation and operation. •. Small design with large display. The AP-C30K Series digital air pressure sensors incorporate a very easy-to-see, two-color LED display, as well as superior... [See More]

  • Scale Units: pounds per square inch; Kilopascals; bar; Inches of Hg; kg/cm2; mmHg
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge; Compound; Vacuum
  • Sensor Technology: Strain Gauge
  • Material: Gas
Model 100LEDP10H20
from DigiVac

This gauge measures from 1 micron (1x10^-3 Torr) up to 1999 Microns. This gauge will display integer micron readings from 200 microns to 1999 microns, and will read tenths of microns when the indicated vacuum is less than 199.9 microns. [See More]

  • Scale Units: pounds per square inch (optional feature); Inches of Hg; Inches of H2O
  • Pressure Measurement: Absolute; Differential; Sealed; Vacuum; Negative Pressure
  • Sensor Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Material: Gas
DRG26 - SS Pressure Gauge w/ Switch
from KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

Product Features. 4 â € or 6 â € Combination PressureGauge & Switch. 1 or 2 SPST Switches Possible. Stainless Steel Construction. ±1.0% Accuracy. Pulsation and Vibration Damping Through Optional Paraffin Oil Filling. For those users needing a pressure gauge with... [See More]

  • Scale Units: pounds per square inch; Inches of Hg
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge; Vacuum
  • Sensor Technology: Semiconductor Piezoresistive
  • Material: Liquid; Gas
Model 130 Series -- 130-AC
from Mid-West Instrument

The Model 130 diaphragm isolated Differential Pressure Switch is CSA Certified to both the Canadian and U.S. Standards and U.L. Listed to the U.S. Standards. The entire assembly is Certified for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, & G Hazardous locations. [See More]

  • Scale Units: bar (optional feature); Inches of Hg (optional feature); cm of Hg (optional feature); Feet of H2O (optional feature); kg/cm2 (optional feature); oz/in2 (optional feature); Inches of H2O (optional feature); kPad
  • Pressure Measurement: Differential
  • Sensor Technology: Mechanical Deflection
  • Material: Liquid

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