Linear Damper Shock Absorbers, Linear Dampers, and Dashpots Datasheets

Hydraulic Dampner -- DVC-32
from ACE Controls Inc.

Separately regulated in any stroke position: the hydraulic dampers in the DVC-32 model are the first model to provide precise, independent, external adjustment of in-and-out speeds. With their individual adjustments for the push and pull direction as well as the bi-directional action, these are... [See More]

  • Shock Absorber / Damper Type: Linear Damper
  • Stroke: 2 to 6
  • Dampening Method: Hydraulic
  • Extended Length: 9.45 to 17.33
Damper/Rate Controls -- CD1000
from KYNTEC Corporation

KYNTEC Dampers/Rate Controls are used in applications related to gas & oil production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, material handling, industrial automation, and much more. Integrated actuation with speed regulation for industrial and aerospace. Our integrated product can... [See More]

  • Shock Absorber / Damper Type: Linear Damper
  • Absorption / Damping Action: Compression; Extension
  • Dampening Method: Air; Hydraulic; Mechanical
  • Stroke: 2 to 12
Damper - Cylindrical
from TFC Ltd.

High quality motion control. Material: Housing – POM, Cylinder - Nylon 66, Axle- POM, Seals – NBR, Oil - Silicone oil. Colour: Natural [See More]

  • Shock Absorber / Damper Type: Linear Damper
  • Body Material: Plastic
Damper -- GDC50-E
from H.A. Guden Co., Inc.

Compression dampers are designated GDCxx-x and extension dampers are GDExx-x. The stock items listed below are supplied with a mid-range damping orifice plate. Heavier or lighter damping is available. Dampers are stocked with threaded ends only. If required, please order end fittings as separate... [See More]

  • Shock Absorber / Damper Type: Linear Damper
  • Stroke: 2
  • Absorption / Damping Action: Extension
  • Compressed Length: 5.89