Carbon Zinc Electronic Battery 22.5V Rectangular -- 03980001362-1 [505 from EVEREADY Battery Company, Inc.]
from Carlton-Bates Company

Electronic and Special Purpose Batteries: Battery Type - Carbon Zinc; Primary Application - Electronic Battery; Cell Style - Rectangular; Voltage - 22.5V; Terminals - Flat Terminals; Height - nominal - 2.000 "50.9mm Ht; Width x Length - nominal - 0.590x0.630 "15.1x16.0mm; Industry Part... [See More]

  • Primary Batteries: Zinc-carbon (Leclanché)
  • Specialty Cells: Prismatic Cells
  • Voltage: 22.5
  • Width / Diameter: 0.5900
Carbon Zinc Battery,9v,Pk6 -- 6KWN6 [6KWN6 from Global Sources c/o Media Data Systems Pte. Ltd.]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Carbon Zinc Battery,9v,Pk6 [See More]

  • Primary Batteries: Zinc-carbon (Leclanché)
  • Standard Cylindrical Battery Sizes: 9V
  • Voltage: 9
  • Application: General Purpose
RAYOVAC 6V Industrial Battery -- Model# 6V-HD
from Acme Tools

A staple of many Industrial applications, Rayovac lantern batteries have a long standing reputation for durability. And when it comes to flashlight power, you want something you can count on during severe weather. Look to Rayovac lantern batteries for long lasting power and great value. Additional... [See More]

  • Primary Batteries: Zinc-carbon (Leclanché)
  • Capacity: 9
  • Voltage: 6
  • Application: Power Tools
from Jameco Electronics

BAT,ZNCL(NO.216)EXTR HVY DTY 9V; 300 mAh [See More]

  • Primary Batteries: Zinc-carbon (Leclanché); Alkaline-manganese Dioxide
602 Electrometer
from Unipower

Biomedical Batteries / Keithley Instruments Inc / 602 Electrometer [See More]

  • Primary Batteries: Zinc-carbon (Leclanché)
  • Application: Medical Equipment
  • Voltage: 9
Super Heavy Duty Battery -- C1317
from Universal Power Group, Inc.

Clocks, Radios, Air Fresheners, Garage Door Openers [See More]

  • Primary Batteries: Zinc-carbon (Leclanché)
  • Specialty Cells: Nonstandard Cylindrical Batteries
  • Voltage: 22.5
  • Application: General Purpose (optional feature); Toy/Hobby (optional feature); Smoke Detectors