Rechargeable Zinc / Alkaline / Manganese Dioxide Battery Chargers Datasheets

Single Phase Battery Chargers -- UBC
from ZAPI, Inc.

The Single Phase Battery Charger UBC is an innovative device with extraordinary versatility, reliability and efficiency. Different software may be installed to change the charging features and adapt them to every type of battery chemistry. Due to its compact size and weight this model is well suited... [See More]

  • Battery Type / Chemistry: Lead Acid (optional feature) (AGM (optional feature), VRLA (optional feature)); Iron Electrode (optional feature); Lithium (optional feature); Metal/Air (optional feature); Ni-Cd (optional feature); Ni-H2 (optional feature); Ni-MH (optional feature); Ni-Zn (optional feature); Silver Oxide (optional feature); Rechargeable Zinc / Alkaline / Manganese Dioxide (optional feature)
  • Power Source: AC
  • Charger Type: Automotive / Electrical Vehicle
  • Input Voltage: 115 to 230

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