IEC Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) Datasheets

Branch Panel AC Power Panel SPD, MDS 600 Series

UL Type 1 Surge Protection Device (SPD). Real Time Diagnostics. Optional Intergrated Discount. Itotal 8/20us: 600 kA. Itotal 10/350us: 50 kA. Pluggable module for each mode. UL 1449 4th Edition [See More]

  • Standards: CSA Mark; IEC; UL; RoHS; EN 61643-11 - Europe, NF EN 61643-11 - France
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel
  • TVSS Signal Protection: Three Phase
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
IEC SPD: Surge-Trap® Pluggable Type 2 - 40 kA -- SP2-30K750V
from Mersen

STP T2 40 is the series of Type 2/Class II devices for discharging voltage surges, in accordance with EN/IEC 61643. Suitable for the second stage of protection in supply distribution panels in which Type 1 protection devices are installed upstream, or for the first stage of protection in commercial... [See More]

  • Standards: CE Marking; IEC
  • Type Designation: Type 2
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
LAN GigE 1000Base-T PoE Plus Protector -- LAN-CAT5e-P+
from Sankosha U.S.A., Inc.

Features: Gigabit Ethernet In-Line Protection. Complies with IEC 61643-21, 61000-4-5. IEEE 802.3ab Compliant. Cat5 and Cat5e Performance Rating. Connector Style: RJ-45 STP In/Out. 35 mm DIN Rail or Surface Mountable. Lead-Free (RoHS Compliant). All pins protected. Applications: 10/100/1000 Base-T... [See More]

  • Standards: UL 497B Rating; IEC; IEEE; RoHS
  • Mounting: DIN Rail; Surface Mount
  • TVSS Signal Protection: Dataline & DC Signal; Single Phase
  • Connection: RJ41, RJ45 or RJ48 Data Jacks
AC Power 1 Pole -- D120V1P
from Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc.

Industrial computers, PLCs, and sensitive instrumentation are at the heart of today's automation systems. Maintaining reliability and uptime are essential to the processes running on the factory floor. Semiconductor technology has advanced over the last several decades increasing equipment's... [See More]

  • Standards: UL 1449 Third Edition; ANSI; CE Marking; IEC; IEEE; UL; RoHS
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • TVSS Signal Protection: Single Phase
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
400 Series Surge Protective Device -- Model 440
from ASCO Power Technologies

The 400 Series of surge protection devices consist of thermally protected MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology providing reliable protection against repetitive surges and transients. The 440 line of products consists of two sizes with surge ratings of 100kA per mode/200kA per phase and 160kA per... [See More]

  • Standards: UL 1449 Third Edition; ANSI; CE Marking; IEC; UL
  • Nominal Discharge Current: 20 kA
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel
  • Mode of Protection: All Mode
Islatrol™ INXT120NL000-1 AC Power Line Filter
from Emerson Network Power / Liebert Power & Cooling

The Islatrol INXT120NL000-1 is a 120VAC, 60A, EMI/RFI filter. The INXT is a series-connected device designed to filter electrical type transients impinging on electrical distribution of a traffic control cabinet. Features: 60-Amp Series Filter. 50dB attenuation (200kHz to 75MHz). High impact... [See More]

  • Standards: IEC; UL
  • Surge Current: 60000
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
  • Operating Temp: -40 to 113
Over Voltage Protector -- HAW562
from Endress+Hauser, Inc.

The HAW562 surge arrester is used to protect electronic components from being destroyed by overvoltage. It ensures that overvoltage surges which occur in signal cables (e.g. 4 to 20 mA), in communication lines (Field buses) and in power lines are safely passed into the ground. The functionality of... [See More]

  • Standards: IEC; SIL2 Conformity
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Surge Current: 20000
AC Panel Mount Products -- TDS MPM - Transient Discriminating MOVTEC Protection Module
from ERICO

The Transient Discriminating MOVTEC Protection Module (TDS-MPM) integrates three TDS-MOVTEC units into one enclosure to simplify three phase protection applications. The TDS-MPM is ideal for primary point-of-entry protection applications where it is connected to the main service panel. Features. [See More]

  • Standards: ANSI; IEC; IEEE
  • Operating Temp: -31 to 131
  • Surge Current: 100000
Surge Protective Devices -- 120LS-120S

Features: 120LS: I peak=120,000A/Phase (8 x 20 μs waveform). UL1449 3rd Edition. NEMA LS1-1992. Three times redundant protection paths per phase. Employs new 40kA varistors with built in high-speed thermal disconnect. Solid copper bus bar construction. Field-replaceable modules. EMI/RFI noise... [See More]

  • Standards: UL 1449 Third Edition; UL 1449 Second Edition; ANSI; CE Marking; IEC; IEEE
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel; Device Mount
  • TVSS Signal Protection: Single Phase
  • Connection: Micro-Z Cable Connection
MA30 Series -- Model MA30/D/1/SI
from MTL Instruments Group

10 year warranty, also suitable for DC application, can be used in parallel [See More]

  • Standards: CE Marking; IEC
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • TVSS Signal Protection: Single Phase
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
10/100BASE-TX SURGE PROTECTOR -- Model 570R & 580R Series
from Patton Electronics Co.

Your 100Mhz data network carries an enormous amount of traffic on a daily basis. You can ill afford costly repairs or down-time due to damaged equipment. Yet transient surges can pose a major threat to any Category-5 cabling system. That's why Patton EPG developed the Model 570-R16 and 580-R16 rack... [See More]

  • Standards: IEC
  • Connection: RJ41, RJ45 or RJ48 Data Jacks
  • Mounting: Rack
Industrial Surge Protector -- SP-TELCO-1
from Sixnet

Telephone lines are one of the most common entry points for voltage surges from lightning strikes or other sources. These surges can easily damage or completely destroy your expensive communications equipment. The solution is simple - install an inexpensive surge suppressor on each telephone device. [See More]

  • Standards: UL 497A Rating; IEC; CCITT K17
  • Connection: RJ11, RJ13 or RJ14 Phone Jacks
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Surge Current: 1900

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