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OVR 3N Series Compact Transient Voltage Surge Supressor -- OVR3N100320SP
from ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems

The most serious consequences of lightning are the death of people and farm animals, and the destruction of equipment: telephone lines, transformers connected. to the electrical distribution network, electrical meters, household appliances, etc. At the same time, the growing amount of equipment... [See More]

  • Standards: UL 1449 Second Edition; CSA Mark; IEC; File# E238957 & E22406
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Signal Protection: Three Phase
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
Monitoring Relay Surge Arrester for PV System Type DSF D -- DSF52CD1000PV
from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

DSF D is a Type 2 (Class C) surge arrester according to EN 61643-11 (VDE 0675, part 6-11) and UL1449 3rd edition suitable for protecting DC systems from transient overvoltage due to both indirect atmospheric discharges and switching actions. It is available both in 2-pole or 3-pole configurations,... [See More]

  • Standards: UL 1449 Third Edition; UL; EN 61643-11, VDE 0675, part 6-11, UL1449 3rd ed.
  • Nominal Discharge Current: 20 kA
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Surge Current: 25000
STF Series of Active Tracking Filter -- STF0025-10 [STF0025-10 from SolaHD]
from Carlton-Bates Company

The SolaHD STF Series offers the original active tracking technology to guard against commonly occurring, but very damaging, lower energy transients. Offering excellent noise reduction, the filter continuously tracks the input AC power line and responds instantly upon detecting extraneous high... [See More]

  • Standards: ANSI; CSA Mark; IEEE; UL 1283
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel
  • Signal Protection: Single Phase
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
300 Series Surge Protective Device -- Model 320
from Emerson Network Power / Liebert Power & Cooling

The 300 Series of surge protection devices are specifically designed for low to medium exposure locations. The 320 line is available with surge current ratings up to 25kA per mode or 50kA per phase. A status LED and relay contacts provide indication of the suppression system failure or power loss. [See More]

  • Standards: UL 1449 Third Edition; ANSI; CE Marking (optional feature); UL; cUL
  • Mounting: Wall/Panel
  • Signal Protection: Single Phase (optional feature); Three Phase (optional feature)
  • Nominal Discharge Current: 3 kA
Over Voltage Protector -- HAW562
from Endress+Hauser, Inc.

The HAW562 surge arrester is used to protect electronic components from being destroyed by overvoltage. It ensures that overvoltage surges which occur in signal cables (e.g. 4 to 20 mA), in communication lines (Field buses) and in power lines are safely passed into the ground. The functionality of... [See More]

  • Standards: IEC; SIL2 Conformity
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Surge Current: 20000
D60301R Series -- D60301-001R
from Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc.

Data and I/O are often overlooked as sources of problems for automation processes. Many times damaging transient can come in through the "back door" and disrupt a control system or damage a critical sensor because most industrial control hardware does not come with transient protection, it has to be... [See More]

  • Standards: CE Marking; IEC; UL; UL497B
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Signal Protection: Dataline & DC Signal
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
Spike Supressor Modules: 50 W - LGDS50 Series
from GAIA Converter

The Gaia Converter limitor LGDS-50 Series designates an active power adaptor module designed to protect electronical systems against fast transient and high spike levels that can occur from an input bus line with no voltage stabilization devices. The LGDS-50 delivers an adapted output voltage... [See More]

  • Standards: RoHS; EN50155, EN55022, IEC 571, RIA 12
  • Maximum DC Power: 4 to 50
  • Mounting: Plug-in; PCB
  • Operating Temp: -40 to 203
Industrial Surge Protector -- SP-TELCO-1
from Sixnet

Telephone lines are one of the most common entry points for voltage surges from lightning strikes or other sources. These surges can easily damage or completely destroy your expensive communications equipment. The solution is simple - install an inexpensive surge suppressor on each telephone device. [See More]

  • Standards: UL 497A Rating; IEC; CCITT K17
  • Connection: RJ11, RJ13 or RJ14 Phone Jacks
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Surge Current: 1900
"Touch Friendly" Terminal Data Transmission Line Series -- DMxxxAy-B
from Surge Suppression Incorporated

"Touch Friendly" Terminal Strip Connected Data Transmission Line Protection - UL497B Listed [See More]

  • Standards: UL 497B Rating; UL; ISO 9001:2008
  • Mounting: DIN Rail (optional feature); Device Mount; In-line or Integrally Attached; "Touch Friendly" Enclosure
  • Signal Protection: Dataline & DC Signal
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
ACP Hardwire Series -- ACP100 DR 2
from Transtector Systems, Inc.

Quick mount, easy to use pluggable wire in terminal block [See More]

  • Standards: ANSI; IEEE; UL; ISO9001
  • Mounting: DIN Rail
  • Signal Protection: Single Phase
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals