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Marathon Span: World''s Longest Sea Bridge Opens, 4 hours ago
China opened the world''s longest bridge over water on Thursday. The Jiaozhou Bay bridge is 26.4 miles long, according to Guinness World Records. It links China''s eastern port city of Qingdao to Huangdao island. State-run CCTV said the 110-foot-wide bridge cost more than 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billi...
Student-designed Device Could Make Dialysis Safer and Easier
Gizmag, 4 hours ago
There are approximately 1.5 million people worldwide who require regular hemodialysis treatments, due to the fact that their kidneys are no longer able to clean their blood. Clinicians generally reuse the same access point on each patient''s body, for routing their bloodstream to the dialysis machin...
Scavenging Ambient Electromagnetic Energy to Power Small Electronic Devices
''New Metal Type'' at Earth''s Core
Russia blames radiation for space probe failure

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Sunjammer Solar Space Mission
Aerospace Technology, September 12, 2014
Sunjammer is a solar space mission developed by Nasa, in partnership with L'Guarde, and Space Services and MicroAerospace Solutions.

Chemical and Material

A pea-shooter for molecules
MIT News - Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, 2 hours ago
Like a pea going through a straw, tiny molecules can pass through microscopic cylinders known as nanotubes. This could potentially be used to select molecules according to size - for example, to purify water by allowing water molecules to pass through while blocking salt or other substances. Now, re...
A Windmill-Shaped Discotic Columnar Liquid Crystal with Fast Ambipolar Charge Carrier Transport
ACS - Chemistry of Materials, September 19, 2014
Pump Up The Enzyme
ACS - Chemical & Engineering News, 2 hours ago

Civil Engineering

Exploring the future of making things
MIT News - Architecture, 2 hours ago
Imagine a world in which large-scale man-made structures could assemble themselves, reconfigure themselves or even change their material properties.Architecture alum and lecturer Skylar Tibbits (SM `10, Design Computation; SM `10, Computer Science) is working on bringing that world about by developi...
New Research by McGraw-Hill Construction Shows Dramatic Increase in Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in North America
McGraw-Hill Construction - Latest Headlines, 2 hours ago
Just hanging on: Why mussels are so good at it
MIT News - Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2 hours ago

Electrical Engineering

Automotive Subsystems & Network-on-Chip Technology
Design News - Electronics & Test, September 19, 2014
Science Shows Up in Force at People''s Climate March
Scientific American - Alternative Energy Technology, September 20, 2014
Startup''s Piezoelectric MEMS Mics May Take Over
EE Times - News, 2 hours ago


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Peter Cole's Vintage Key Hooks and Necklaces
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XeroCoat's antireflective material might add zeros to the bottom line, megawatts to the power line
Fabtech - Chip Shots, 2 hours ago

General Engineering

SpaceX Launches Dragon (and Mice) to Space Station
MSNBC Science Headlines, 2 hours ago
SpaceX sent a Dragon cargo spaceship to the International Space Station atop a Falcon 9 rocket early Sunday, without a human crew but with 20 mice.
Solar-induced hybrid fuel cell produces electricity directly from biomass
Science Daily, February 19, 2014
Photos: BlackBerry Past: Which Did You Own?
ABC Technology Headlines, 2 hours ago


Workers Accused Of Stealing Parts From Texas Plant - Headline News, September 19, 2014
Police say eight workers at a Caterpillar?plant?in Texas are accused of stealing more at least $160,000 in parts from the company.
An Engineer''s Understanding of ''Feature-Advantage-Benefit''
Design News - Motion Control & Automation, September 19, 2014
PC-Based Control Goes Consumer
Control Design - News, September 18, 2014

Mechanical Engineering

PC-Based Control Goes Consumer
Control Design - News, September 18, 2014
[sidebar id="1"]The trends in PC-based control are to divide and conquer, take a page from consumers, and get networked. For machine builders, these advances promise easier real-time control.The strategy of divide and conquer benefits from hardware changes.
PC-Based Control Goes Consumer
Control Design - Industry News, September 18, 2014
Composite materials in automotive engineering
Think Engineering, 2 hours ago


An Engineer''s Understanding of ''Feature-Advantage-Benefit''
Design News - Software & Hardware, September 19, 2014
C++ Q&A: ATL Virtual Functions and vtables
MSDN Magazine, 2 hours ago
PMC Announces 12 Gbps SAS Expander Card for the Hyperscale Era
InfoStor - Top News, September 19, 2014

Sustainable Engineering

5 ways to assess how green that chemical is - by Mikhail Davis
International Society for Industrial Ecology, May 29, 2014
Interesting read about greening of chemicals by Mikhail Davis from Interface.  Find out more: We get an awkward question from customers from time to time: "Is it true that Interface puts a pesticide in their...
Energy Quote of the Day: Is the Shine Coming Off U.S. LNG Exports?
Alternative Energy Technology, 2 hours ago
Sonic artist derives captivating "organic electronic" sounds from plants (Video)
TreeHugger, 2 hours ago

Technology and Research

Sunjammer Solar Space Mission
Aerospace Technology, September 12, 2014
Sunjammer is a solar space mission developed by Nasa, in partnership with L'Guarde, and Space Services and MicroAerospace Solutions.
Iran claim to have downed an Israeli `stealth drone'
Defense Update, September 20, 2014
Verizon: Who Needs the iPhone?
BusinessWeek Online -- Technology, 2 hours ago


Startup''s Piezoelectric MEMS Mics May Take Over
Automotive DesignLine - News, 2 hours ago
By using piezoelectric diaphragm, Vesper claims its MEMS mics today have a 5dB signal-to-noise ratio over all other MEMS mikes that use capacitive sensors.