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IoT Consortiums Announce Collaborative Agreement - Headline News, February 28, 2015
Two nonprofits backing development of the Industrial Internet of Things on Thursday announced a collaboration they say will accelerate standards for connected devices.
Obama Talks Oil-Train Safety In OR Television Interview - Headline News, February 28, 2015
President Barack Obama said the federal government plans to strengthen regulations regarding oil train safety. Obama made the remarks during a brief interview with KGW-TV''s Laural Porter, who was invited to Washington, D.C., as part of a round of local television interviews on Thursday. The preside...
Baton Rouge-Area Industries Expect To Maintain Employment - Headline News, February 28, 2015
A survey by the Greater Baton Rouge Industrial Alliance finds most of the Baton Rouge area''s major industrial employers expect spending and employment at the?plants?to remain the same or expand during the next six months.
NASA Approves Sunday Spacewalk Despite Water Leak In Helmet - Headline News, February 28, 2015
Space station astronauts will venture back out for a spacewalk this weekend, despite a helmet water leak.
By The Numbers: Manufacturing Group Says EPA Ozone Proposal Still Too Costly - Headline News, February 28, 2015
The National Association of Manufacturers lowered its projected price tag for a new limit on ground-level ozone, but said it would remain the costliest regulation in U.S. history.
Metalworkers Take 3D Printing To The Next Level - Headline News, February 28, 2015
Japan is as technology rich as it is hydrocarbon poor. The country's proven oil reserves stand at a measly 44 million barrels. (The U.S.
Is The Craft Beer Market Getting Too Crowded? - Headline News, February 28, 2015
Chris Gallant, co-founder of The Bronx Brewery, discusses his beer business with Bloomberg''s Pimm Fox.
Recalls Of The Week: Rethinking Used-Car Safety - Headline News, February 28, 2015
The AP reported Wednesday on a recent Carfax study that investigated why the flawed recall system is dangerous to used-car buyers. In this report, Auto Writers Tom Krisher and Dee-Ann Durbin write, "More than 46 million cars and trucks on the road in the U.S. - about one-fifth the total - were recal...
South Korea Renews License Of 2nd-Oldest Nuclear Plant - Headline News, February 28, 2015
The South Korean nuclear regulator said Friday it renewed the operating license of the country''s second-oldest nuclear power plant until 2022, overriding the objections of residents and anti-nuclear groups. The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission said that seven of nine commissioners voted to re...
Hands On With The Very First Mac - Headline News, February 28, 2015
Daniel Kottke, an early Apple engineer, shows off some of the prototypes he assembled of the very first Macintosh computer.
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