Aerial Refueling Just Got Better with Navy''s New Testbed
Machine Design - Industry Applications, 17 hours ago
When Navy jets get refueled in the sky, their tank equipment is hit with high impact forces in extreme environments. So Moog Inc. engineered this testbed to more accurately simulate the forces. It has a probe mounted to a cart that rides on a track and an actively controlled suspension system that s...
Technology Adds the Sense of Touch to Prosthetic Hands
Machine Design - Industry Applications, July 25, 2014
Stephen Mraz, Senior Editor Biomedical researchers at the Veterans Administration are exploring options and developing techniques for directly stimulating nerves to let prosthetic users feel sensations in their artificial hands. read more
Do Prosthetic Feet Need Feelings?
Machine Design - Industry Applications, July 25, 2014
Stephen Mraz, Senior Editor Prosthetic lower limbs have been very successful at replicating the needed biomechanics to get users up and walking. Yet none of them give users any sense or feeling in their artificial limbs. read more
Five Cost-Cutting Powder-Metal Part Designs
Machine Design - Industry Applications, July 23, 2014
Can't decide between machining and 3D printing? Powder-metallurgy techniques might be your answer. Deciding between machining and 3D printing may point you to powder-metallurgy processes. Powder metal parts are complex so they cut weight, yet they can be produced in large quantities and have proven ...
What's the Difference Between Abduction and Adduction (Biomechanics)
Machine Design - Industry Applications, July 22, 2014
In medicine and biomechanics, movements of limbs and other body parts toward or away from the center line of the body (a line that runs up and down the center of the human body) are termed adduction and abduction, respectively. read more
Designing In-Hub Brushless Motors
Machine Design - Industry Applications, July 22, 2014
Lowell Christensen, Founder, Vice President of Engineering, TruTech Specialty Motors, Plymouth, Minn. Electric motors formatted to fit inside the wheel of a vehicle have their own special constraints that impact the design of propulsion systems. In-hub motors have been widely used in bicycles and sc...
The Missile Technology Behind the Malaysian Jet Tragedy
Machine Design - Industry Applications, July 18, 2014
While accusations fly about who''s responsible, technologists speculate about the technology used to down a Malaysian passenger jet over the Ukraine. There are several surface-to-air Soviet missle technologies capable of reaching the Malaysian passenger jet shot down over the Ukraine. Content Classi...
The Difference between Cartridge Heaters and Tubular Heaters
Machine Design - Industry Applications, July 18, 2014
Though they may sometimes have a similar appearance, cartridge heaters and tubular heaters each serve dramatically different applications. Cartridge heaters and tubular heaters are similar in make-up but have quite different application areas. read more
Drones learn to observe environment and steer clear
Machine Design - Industry Applications, July 17, 2014
Late in 2012, maker-tinkerer and technical writer Paul Wallich created a buzz when he wrote about the drone he built to walk his son to the bus stop each morning. Fast-forward to 2014: Now researchers think they have a new way to make such UAVs and other vehicles more nimble in the face of environme...
Ford Rouge Factory F-150 Assembly Line Tour
Machine Design - Industry Applications, July 11, 2014
We recently took a tour of Ford''s Rouge Factory F-150 pickup truck assembly line in Dearborn, MI. Electronic Design''s Bill Wong showcases the highlights from the tour, including the robotic automation involved in assembly and inspection, the "Living Roof", and more. Open In New Window:  No re...
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