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Handle AutoCAD Files in a Flash
Cadalyst - AEC, February 23, 2015
Of course you know the basics of saving and closing files in AutoCAD, but are you familiar with SaveAll, CloseAll, and QQuit? Watch as Lynn Allen, Autodesk evangelist, shows you the advantages of these three great productivity commands!
Do You Have the Power? Part 2
Cadalyst - AEC, February 19, 2015
Herrera on Hardware: Don''t make an aftermarket upgrade; choose the right power supply unit for your workstation configuration from the get-go.
Never Lose Track of Your AutoCAD Drawing Again!
Cadalyst - AEC, February 09, 2015
Remembering which directory your open drawing file came from can be daunting. Sure, we can use SaveAs to check out the drawing directory - but why waste time doing that? Join Lynn Allen as she shows you a better way!
Viewing the Future of Monitors for CAD
Cadalyst - AEC, February 09, 2015
Will new technologies replace the familiar hardware on your desktop?
3Dconnexion Introduces CadMouse
Cadalyst - AEC, February 05, 2015
Coming soon, the device aims to meet the needs - and overcome the mouse-related frustrations - of CAD users.
Autodesk Announces Subscription-Only Access for Standalone Desktop Software
Cadalyst - AEC, February 04, 2015
Beginning in February 2016, customers who own perpetual licenses without a Maintenance Subscription will have to move to a subscription plan the next time they upgrade.
Do You Have the Power? Part 1
Cadalyst - AEC, February 01, 2015
Herrera on Hardware: The best processors in the world won''t do you any good if your workstation''s power supply isn''t up to the task.
Use Switchback to View Navisworks Files in AutoCAD or Revit
Cadalyst - AEC, January 28, 2015
The Switchback tool can help you quickly view a project in AutoCAD or Revit.
Are You an AutoCAD Offset Wizard?
Cadalyst - AEC, January 26, 2015
Although the Offset command is a fairly basic one, there have been some amazing additions over the past few releases. Do you know them all? Join Lynn Allen as she takes you through the ins and outs of the command and turns you into an Offset wizard!
Illuminate a Bentley MicroStation V8i Model with Area Lighting
Cadalyst - AEC, January 26, 2015
Author Peter Mann shows viewers how to create a basic model in Bentley MicroStation V8i and illuminate it using Area Lighting.
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