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Composite materials in automotive engineering
Think Engineering, 7 hours ago
The use of composite materials for the manufacturing of racing cars was a significant milestone of achievement in the automotive industry, as the earliest racing cars were made mostly with a single aluminum chassis, which was prone to major fractures. In the late 1980s, the use of advanced composite...
Systems and controllers in industrial refrigeration
Think Engineering, 7 hours ago
Refrigeration, the process of maintaining an enclosed space at a temperature lower than the surroundings, has wide application in various industries like food processing, power plants, hospitals, pharmaceuticals etc. as well as for commercial use like supermarkets etc. The 3 main methods of achievin...
The Importance of Liquid Level Sensors in Industrial Refrigeration Systems
Think Engineering, 7 hours ago
When we talk of liquid level sensors, we're usually referring to tiny systems that are used to detect levels of liquids (like in the fuel tanks of automobiles). These sensors are also used to detect interfaces between liquids like oil and water or between liquids and solids. They can sense the level...
2 stroke engines in racing motorcycles
Think Engineering, 7 hours ago
Although two stroke engines have long since been updated with four stroke racing bike engines, two stroke engines provide a lightweight and suitable solution for racing bikes, motocross and dirt bikes. Earlier on, the two stroke engines in racing bikes were quite popular, but they have since then ha...
Oil level controls for Parallel Compressor Systems
Think Engineering, 7 hours ago
In the whole of the refrigeration system, a parallel compressor system is the most complex and important electromechanical device
EXPOSanit? opens in Italy
Think Engineering, 7 hours ago
The italian leader Saxos Informatica, specialized in the supply of systems and services for the electronic automation of the public and private sanitary structures, will be at EXPOSanit? 2010 with a new software solution of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) - Electronic Health Record (EHR).
What is a CNC Machining Company?
Think Engineering, 7 hours ago
A CNC machining company is a company that provides CNC machining services. There are several CNC machining services that are provided in the market today. One of the most popular CNC machining services that are provided by a CNC machining company is the standard 3 axis CNC machining. The standard 3 ...
The next generation of street motorbikes
Think Engineering, 7 hours ago
We are reporting an interesting initiative promoted by the Italian company CRP Racing as regards the development of a new street motorbike that will use state-of-the-art technologies and materials. The motorbike will have a frame designed exclusively for the electric power, as well as an innovative ...
The use of R744 as liquid coolant in refrigeration systems
Think Engineering, 7 hours ago
R744 is a nomenclature used in industry to indicate carbon dioxide, a gas used predominantly as a liquid coolant in refrigeration systems, commercial and industrial. The use of R744 as a refrigerant has been completely re-evaluated in recent decades because of environmental issues such as global war...
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