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How do you protect controllers from cyber attacks?
Control Design - News, 10 hours ago
International panel weighs in on protecting the control system and other IoT-related issues.
How secure is wireless communication?
Control Design - News, 10 hours ago
Sending data over an Ethernet cable is one thing, but the dependability and security of transmitting wirelessly are cause for discussion.
What is the danger of taking M2M communications to the Internet of Things?
Control Design - News, May 19, 2015
An international panel of IoT experts identify the big cybersecurity threats.
11 experts discuss the industrial Internet of Things
Control Design - News, May 19, 2015
International panel of IoT practitioners stress solutions, security and connectivity.
The father of the PLC explains its birth
Control Design - News, May 18, 2015
In this exclusive interview, Dick Morley describes how the first Modicon PLC was created.
How multicore processing has opened new doors for PC-based controls
Control Design - News, May 15, 2015
A new frontier of possibilities is now reachable with PC-based controls.
Go back to basics with HMI design
Control Design - News, May 14, 2015
Dave Strobhar, one of the founders of the Center for Operator Performance, thinks a lot of people may have it backwards when it comes to HMI design.
Remote I/O becomes smaller, faster, customizable and intelligent
Control Design - News, May 12, 2015
Long used and familiar, remote I/O is undergoing changes and innovations.
How sensors enable information-based decisions
Control Design - News, May 04, 2015
Optimize production, eliminate manual intervention and incorporate quality checks.
Wiring and tubing cleanup
Control Design - News, April 29, 2015
Connect electronic and fluid lines in the same housing
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