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Will 2015 Be The Year Our Smartphones Link Up To Our Brains?
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 25, 2015
The Boston office of Thync, its interior walls covered in scribbles of dry-erase marker, exudes the youthful energy of any tech startup. But there's one noticeable departure from the typical startup visible just as I walk in the front door: a sign notifying study participants to please take a seat: ...
Connect Tiny Devices To The Internet With Spark''s Electron
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 25, 2015
Makers constructing their own electronic devices can now add cellular networking with Spark''s Electron board.
Pebble''s New Color E Ink Smartwatch Gets Funded In Minutes
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 24, 2015
Pebble has launched the third version of its smartwatch, and the first version featuring a color E Ink display.
A Smart Flashlight For Those Brave Enough To Venture Outdoors
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 24, 2015
Everything''s smart these days, from phones to appliances, so naturally it was only a matter of time before somebody made a smart flashlight.
Smartphone Thermometer Helps Complete Your Digital Doctor''s Bag
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 24, 2015
The smartphone is the new portable doctor''s office, thanks to accessories for monitoring the health of eyes, ears, and even temperature.
Bringing Vegetables To Life With Augmented Reality
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 23, 2015
Every parent knows that getting children to eat their fruits and vegetables can be a Herculean task. Thanks to a company called Powerful Plants, eating healthy can now be an…
Take To The Skies With A Radio-Controlled Pterodactyl
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 20, 2015
Sure, drones are becoming more ubiquitous these days, but how many of them resemble prehistoric dinosaurs? PaulG Toys now has an RC-controlled pterodactyl, for those who want…
A Closer Look at Google and Mattel's Updated View-Master
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 19, 2015
One of the biggest announcements at Toy Fair 2015 was a partnership between tech giant Google and toy giant Mattel. The two teamed up to revamp the old View-Master…
Remotely Rocking Cradle Is The Next Step Towards ''Brave New World''
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 19, 2015
Starting this fall, exhausted parents can soothe their crying babies without getting out of bed. The Smart Connect Cradle ''n Swing from Fisher-Price can rock your baby from…
Samsung Purchases Mobile Payment Startup LoopPay
Popular Science - Gadgets, February 19, 2015
Samsung has entered into the pay-with-your-smartphone market with the purchase of LoopPay, a company that''s created a way to mimic magnetic stripe cards.
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