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This Fall, Your Appliances May Reorder Their Own Supplies From Amazon
Popular Science - Gadgets, 17 hours ago
Amazon''s working with appliance makers to help ensure that you never run out of household supplies, whether it be water filters or laundry detergent.
This Russian Camera Looks Like A Gameboy Crossed With A Gun
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 26, 2015
With a click of the trigger, the gbg-8 shoots! Except it''s not expelling bullets; it''s taking a picture. In essence, the gbg-8 is a camera masquerading as a gun. After…
Try On A Virtual Apple Watch With This Augmented Reality App
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 25, 2015
Curious how the Apple Watch will look on your wrist? A new app lets you take a virtual model for a spin, thanks to augmented reality.
''Guitar Hero''-Style Videogame Helps Stroke Victims Recover
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 19, 2015
Of the 700,000 people who suffer from strokes every year in the United States, only 10 percent fully recover. The rehabilitation process can be long and challenging,…
This Sleeve Will Help Save PItchers'' Arms
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 18, 2015
Problem: Hurtling fastball, after curveball, after slider puts incredible strain on a pitcher's arm, which, over time, can cause painful tears in the ulnar collateral…
No, Wearable Electronics Are Not Like Cigarettes
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 18, 2015
Today, New York Times tech writer Nick Bilton published a naive essay in the paper''s Style section comparing the carcinogenic risk of the Apple Watch to that of cigarettes.
The 10 Best Things From April 2015
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 17, 2015
This Smart Stereo System Plays The Songs It Thinks You Want To Hear
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 17, 2015
Not everyone enjoys being a DJ. Many music fans just pick a playlist and leave it running. That's why Bang & Olufsen created a smart music-streaming hub to anchor its…
This App Plays Music At The Perfect Tempo To Accompany Your Solo
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 17, 2015
If you've ever been behind the mic at a karaoke bar, you know the agony of a senseless backing track. Slow down your tempo for dramatic effect and the track blindly rolls…
Go Ahead, Drive Over This Coffeemaker
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 17, 2015
Worried your coffeemaker might find its way beneath a pickup truck? Or get blasted by a water hose? Well, now there's the Oxx Coffeeboxx. Complete with an IP55 rating (which means it's protected from dust and water), the coffeemaker has an internal framework that can withstand a 1/4-ton load and a d...
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