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Smart Luggage May Check Itself In, Follow You Around
Popular Science - Gadgets, 4 hours ago
Samsung and Samsonite are teaming up to create smart luggage which could not only provide its location but perhaps even check itself in automatically.
Make Your SmartPlate Count Calories For You
Popular Science - Gadgets, 4 hours ago
Everything''s getting smart these days, so it''s no surprise your plate is next. The SmartPlate uses object recognition and weight sensors to identify your food.
Glitch In Pilot Navigation App Delays American Airline Flights
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 29, 2015
A glitch in the iPad app that American Airlines pilots use caused delays in several flights this week; until it''s fixed, pilots will revert to paper charts.
Haptic Gloves Use Air Pressure To Simulate The Feel Of Virtual Objects
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 28, 2015
A team of Rice University engineering students has developed a haptic glove that uses air pockets to let gamers feel like they''re interacting with objects.
Video: Star Wars Fan Builds Tiny Working Droid
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 28, 2015
Full-length trailers for the latest Star Wars film aren't even out yet, but a new character is already fast become a fan favorite. BB-8, an orange droid that looks like a…
Robobarista Can Learn How To Operate Your Coffee Machine
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 23, 2015
Robots that can make coffee are old news. What about a robot that can learn to operate every gadget in your kitchen?
Homemade Iron Man Glove Fires Lasers
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 23, 2015
Patrick Priebe isn't Iron Man, but he's getting pretty close. In a video uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, the Priebe shows off his homemade Iron Man gauntlet, which…
Check Your Vitals With Wi-Fi
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 22, 2015
To feed our need for health-related data, engineers have created specialized wearable gadgets or have added capabilities to the devices already integrated into our lives.
Make Your Home Smarter, Step 3
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 14, 2015
All smart thermostats share a common goal: save money while staying comfortable. An Internet connection allows them to adjust the indoor temperature based on outdoor conditions--some even factor in humidity. But the best way for a home to adapt to its residents is still up for debate. Your schedule ...
Make Your Home Smarter, Step 4: Automate
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 14, 2015
After setup, you can teach the smart home to think for itself, freeing you from using an app every time you want to change the temperature or turn on the lights. That means creating automated actions; because each platform can talk to all the gadgets you have online, they can suggest scenarios and g...
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