Put A Camera On Your Eyeball
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 16, 2014
Contact Lens On An Eyeball Antonio Calossi via Wikimedia Commons What''s cooler than Google Glass? Almost anything, really, but something that is both cooler and smaller and still eyeball-centric is a patent for a camera-containing contact lens, filed by Google in late 2012. The patent?was published...
This Tiny Drone Can Climb Walls
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 15, 2014
Parrot MiniDrone Photography by Brian Klutch When designers at Parrot shrank the AR.Drone?to the size of a softball, they had to make some sacrifices-namely autonomous flying and a live camera feed. But they made up for the losses with something better: the ability to climb walls and scurry across c...
Soon, Everything Will Be A Charger
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 15, 2014
The number of connected devices will exceed the world's population-more than seven billion-by the end of this year, according to recent Cisco research. But even though they make our lives easier, gadgets come with something pretty unattractive: an ever-growing tangle of chargers. Wireless charging w...
The First Lawn Mower That Sits Upright
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 15, 2014
Toro Recycler with SmartStow Photography by Brian Klutch A lawn mower takes up more than its fair share of garage space, especially considering how infrequently most homeowners use it. Now there's one you can tuck neatly into a corner. The Recycler is the first mower with a leak-free engine, which e...
The 10 Best Things From May 2014
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 15, 2014
Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 9100 Meet the first beard trimmer with a laser. You read that correctly. The laser serves as a guide to pre-align the razor for precision and symmetry. $90 Courtesy Philips
Robotic Cubes That Stack Themselves
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 15, 2014
How M-Blocks would build a bigger bot Courtesy MIT M-Blocks look unassuming, but they can pivot and jump without external moving parts-a feat engineers have been trying to accomplish for years. Because they're mobile, the robotic cubes can stack on top of one another autonomously. Their inventors ar...
Defend Your Cubicle With A Nerf Sentry Gun
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 15, 2014
Photograph by Dan Bracaglia Tell workplace pen thieves and pranksters how you really feel with a barrage of foam darts. This project hacks a Nerf gun to automatically fire at large heat signatures. Simply replace the toy's trigger system with a servomotor, wire up a home security sensor, add an exte...
Watch This Charger Fully Juice A Smartphone In 30 Seconds
Popular Science - Gadgets, April 07, 2014
I still remember flipping through paper magazines while waiting for webpages to load on my family''s PC, in the 1990s. Maybe one day waiting for your phone to charge will seem as antiquated. An Israeli startup recently demonstrated a prototype charger that fully charges a smartphone in 30 seconds. Y...
Technology Company Using Fitness Trackers To Monitor Employees
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 24, 2014
Apps Can Track Your Fitness Paul Lachine All companies keep track of how well their employees are doing, but few do it to the extent that a company called The Outside View does. The Guardian reports?that the U.K.-based technology company has been measuring its employees'' eating, exercising and slee...
The 10 Best Things From April 2014
Popular Science - Gadgets, March 18, 2014
Ryno The Ryno looks like the love child of a motorcycle and a unicycle. But unlike either, there's little balancing required: A gyroscope and accelerometers help keep a rider upright. Leaning forward accelerates the electric bike to speeds up to 10 mph. $5,300 Courtesy Ryno     
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