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Smart Plankton-Like Particles Could Swim Upstream In The Human Body
Popular Science - Technology, May 01, 2015
From armored fish scales to ice-proof airplane coating based on frog's skin, the natural world has long been an inspiration to engineers. For those designing implantable medical devices, incorporating elements of the natural world has been even more challenging. Now an international team of physicis...
Can 3D-Printed Rhino Horns Stop Poachers?
Popular Science - Technology, May 01, 2015
With poaching on the rise, Africa''s rhinos could be extinct within a few decades. Thousands are slaughtered every year for their horns, which sell for about $30,000 a…
Japan Is Giving Away iPads To Millions Of Elderly People
Popular Science - Technology, April 30, 2015
Today, tech giants Apple and IBM, along with Japanese post office conglomerate Japan Post Group announced that they will be teaming up to bring iPads and custom apps to…
Watch A Tiny Robot Pull Something Nearly 2,000 Times Its Size [Video]
Popular Science - Technology, April 30, 2015
Could you pull a blue whale across a beach? How about scale a skyscraper carrying an elephant on your back? Of course you can''t. But it would be really awesome if you…
Autonomous Robots To Help Remove Car Bomb Threats
Popular Science - Technology, April 29, 2015
The EU-funded AVERT project is a team of autonomous robots that can remove car bomb threats without the need for human intervention.
You Can Now Download Tamagotchi On Your Apple Watch
Popular Science - Technology, April 28, 2015
The real reason to buy an Apple Watch has finally come along: You can now download the Tamagotchi app on your techy timepiece. If you've never heard of Tamagotchi, first…
Humanitarian Mapping Program To Help Nepal Earthquake Recovery Efforts
Popular Science - Technology, April 28, 2015
The death toll of the earthquake that shook Nepal over the weekend just topped 5,000. Aid is slowly getting to people who badly need it, but frustration at the slow pace of…
A Computer Algorithm Can See When You're Drunk
Popular Science - Technology, April 28, 2015
Oh, alcohol. It can be so much fun, until it makes you do something stupid. But even without doing anything embarrassing, booze makes us blush. Now it turns out those rosy…
Robots Used In Long-Distance Surgery Can Easily Be Hacked
Popular Science - Technology, April 27, 2015
In 2001, a doctor in New York completed what may seem like a routine surgery to remove a patient's gallbladder. But in fact that procedure wasn't routine at all, because…
Robobarista Can Learn How To Operate Your Coffee Machine
Popular Science - Technology, April 23, 2015
Robots that can make coffee are old news. What about a robot that can learn to operate every gadget in your kitchen?
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