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11 Ways Science and Technology Are Waging War on Winter
Popular Science - Technology, 22 hours ago
Here in New York City, we''ve just been hit with yet another round of snow, and it got us thinking: There must be somebody working on a way to get rid of this fluffy white…
Stuck At Home? Watch Snowplows In Real Time
Popular Science - Technology, 22 hours ago
Technology may not be able to prevent a major snowstorm, but it can help you keep tabs on the location of snow removal videos around your city.
This Lego Robot Thinks Like A Worm-And Soon You Can Build Your Own
Popular Science - Technology, January 22, 2015
A Lego robot programmed to act like a roundworm may signal the next big leap for artificial intelligence. The Open Worm Project is a group of programmers and scientists…
Scientists Adjust Doomsday Clock Over Nuclear Threats And Climate Change
Popular Science - Technology, January 22, 2015
In a multitude of books, TV shows, and films dedicated to post-apocalyptic fiction, humanity loves to fantasize about its ultimate demise. But back in the real world, the…
Smart Keyboard Could Be Self-Powered, Self-Secured, Self-Cleaning
Popular Science - Technology, January 21, 2015
Scientists have come up with a prototype keyboard that can recognize different typing styles, provide its own power, and possibly even keep itself clean.
When Will Humanity Finally Pull The Plug On Power Cords?
Popular Science - Technology, January 21, 2015
Widespread wireless power is perennially just around the corner, but it never quite seems to materialize. Could that be about to change? What''s standing in the way?
Laser-Blasted Metal Forms A Self-Cleaning Non-Stick Surface
Popular Science - Technology, January 21, 2015
Water, the key to life on our planet, can sometimes be one of our greatest enemies - especially when it comes to its interactions with metals. Air moisture triggers the…
The 5 Most Interesting Announcements from Microsoft''s Windows 10 Event
Popular Science - Technology, January 21, 2015
Microsoft unveiled many of the features of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system update today; we''ve picked the five most important/…
Can Virtual Body Swapping Help Fight Racial Prejudice?
Popular Science - Technology, January 19, 2015
In the wake of massive #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations, the ugly implications of racism in the United States have come to the foreground. Prejudice, whether conscious or…
An Open Letter To Everyone Tricked Into Fearing Artificial Intelligence
Popular Science - Technology, January 15, 2015
Don''t believe the hype about artificial intelligence, or the horror.
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