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The latest news from - Particle Physics News Newsdigest 29 January 2015 - Particle Physics News, January 29, 2015
New origin of universe model pours water on Big Bang theory -- How ''second sound'' helps the Large Hadron Collider work -- The most dangerous ideas in science -- Weird x-rays spur speculation about dark matter detection -- CERN wants artists and architects working alongside its physicists -- The fu...
Newswire: 22 January 2015 - H.E.S.S. - An exceptionally powerful trio in the Large Magellanic Cloud - Particle Physics News, January 22, 2015
Once again, the High Energy Stereoscopic System, H.E.S.S., has demonstrated its excellent capabilities. In the Large Magellanic Cloud, it discovered most luminous very high-energy gamma-ray sources: three objects of different type, namely the most powerful pulsar wind nebula, the most powerful super... Newsdigest 22 January 2015 - Particle Physics News, January 22, 2015
An exceptionally powerful trio in the Large Magellanic Cloud -- A cloud for European researchCrunch time for pet theory on dark matter -- Synopsis: How to spot a WIMP -- Particles accelerate without a push -- The big bang of sculpture -- Speed of light not so constant after all -- First glimpse of t...
Newswire: 21 January 2015 - INFN: A cloud for European research - Particle Physics News, January 21, 2015
The INDIGO-DataCloud project, with the objective of developing a new CLOUD software platform for the scientific community, has been approved by the European Commission within the scope of Horizon 2020. 26 institutions and major companies from 11 different European countries, coordinated at the Europ... Newsdigest 14 January 2015 - Particle Physics News, January 14, 2015
Groundbreaking at JUNO -- World''s most powerful camera receives funding approval -- World''s biggest magnet to power Indian neutrino hunter -- Largest digital camera ever constructed will be pointed at the skies in 2022 -- Departing leader of CERN ponders uncertainties that lie ahead -- New calcula...
Newswire: 10 January 2015 - IHEP: Groundbreaking at JUNO - Particle Physics News, January 10, 2015
On January 10, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) was held in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China. More than 300 scientists and officials from China and other countries attended the ceremony and witnessed this historical moment.
Newswire: 9 January 2015 - World''s most powerful camera receives funding approval - Particle Physics News, January 09, 2015
Plans for the construction of the world''s largest digital camera at the Department of Energy''s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have reached a major milestone. The 3,200-megapixel centerpiece of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), which will provide unprecedented details of the univers... Newsdigest 7 December 2014 - Particle Physics News, January 07, 2015
Indian Neutrino Observatory set for construction -- Did gravity save the universe from ''God particle'' Higgs boson? -- Centre clears Rs 1,500 crore underground neutrino lab -- Large Hadron Collider to reboot after a two-year break -- Australian scientists helping to unlock mysteries of the universe... Newsdigest 31 December 2014 - Particle Physics News, December 31, 2014
Come out, come out, wherever you are! -- Mysterious neutrinos create new particles out of nothing in ''glancing blows'' on matter -- Brain observatories and dark matter: Scientists'' resolutions for 2015 -- The arXiv preprint server hits 1 million articles -- ''ANITA'' hunts for neutrinos in Antarct... Newsdigest 24 December 2014 - Particle Physics News, December 24, 2014
Neutrino study: High precision hunt for Big Bang particles begins -- What is the weak force? -- How do we know the Big Bang actually happened? -- Scientists far from home at Christmas (podcast) -- The top ten space and physics stories of 2014 -- New doubt about dark matter -- CERN nuclear physics la...
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