NuBryte Smart Home control system raises questions about what a smart home is supposed to do
TreeHugger, 20 hours ago
There''s lots to like, but are these kinds of things going to actually save any energy?
This smart bike helmet will talk to cars, warn them you are coming (and vice versa)
TreeHugger, 20 hours ago
Things could get noisy out there.
Could genetically modifying plants to process salt be the future of agriculture?
TreeHugger, 20 hours ago
With sea levels rising, a large amount of agricultural land will be lost...
Lots of hugs may help us avoid the common cold
TreeHugger, 20 hours ago
The tongue-in-cheek name of this publication might imply that we are already pro-hugging, but new research suggests that hugs may have preventative health benefits.
Disposable bag bill promotes a greener, cleaner, healthier New York City
TreeHugger, 20 hours ago
New Yorkers, businesses, and the environment can benefit from new bill being considered by New York City to impose 10-cent fee on every disposable plastic and paper bag.
Natural candle powered terracotta heater will warm you for cheap
TreeHugger, 20 hours ago
This successfully crowdfunded low-tech heater uses candles to warm up your space.
Photo: Whitetail deer say hello
TreeHugger, 20 hours ago
Two deer greet each other in the snow.
Can a social action gaming app get more people growing their own food?
TreeHugger, 20 hours ago
This mobile app aims to promote sustainable practices by merging "physical and digital worlds organically," connecting real-world activities to in-game play in order to teach people how to grow food.
Citysens is a chic hydroponic vertical garden that grows air-cleaning plants (Video)
TreeHugger, 20 hours ago
Lacking space or gardening skills? This stacking hydroponic garden could help you get more green into your space.
Madrid micro-apartment rentals show that good design can be for everyone
TreeHugger, December 19, 2014
Low price + small size + high design = awesome micro-apartments for everyone
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