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Facial recognition tech can be used to track endangered tigers
TreeHugger, 3 hours ago
The Apple technology used to sort photos can be used by researchers to monitor individual tigers.
Farmworkers call on consumers to boycott Driscoll''s berries
TreeHugger, 3 hours ago
Until their employer agrees to negotiate fairly, farmworkers in Washington state want consumers to avoid all Driscoll''s, H?agen-Dazs and Yoplait products that contain berries grown on the notorious Sakuma Brothers farm.
Tiny ''Pinafore'' house boasts lots of gothic charm (Video)
TreeHugger, 3 hours ago
Take a video tour of this "Gothic, European and whimsical" caravan that''s home to an artist and her furry canine friend.
Materials Monday looks at Shou Sugi Ban
TreeHugger, 3 hours ago
This traditional Japanese method of finishing wood is having a dramatic resurgence.
Rare research unveils secret life of giant pandas in the wild
TreeHugger, 3 hours ago
Little is known about how the famously reclusive giant pandas maneuver in the forests; new research reveals some surprises.
CLT House by Susan Jones shows the future of sustainable, green and healthy housing
TreeHugger, 3 hours ago
And it is beautiful too.
Science education nonprofit offers free online STEM curriculum & mentoring
TreeHugger, 3 hours ago
In support of the Every Kid in a Park initiative, this virtual STEM curriculum & mentoring program encourages kids to build engineering design challenges inspired by nature.
Photo: Sea otter has an eight-legged meal
TreeHugger, 3 hours ago
A sea otter chows down on an octopus.
DIY beauty treatments that harness the power of flowers
TreeHugger, 3 hours ago
Some of the oldest beauty treatments in the world use flower petals and blossoms.
Date palm grown from 2,000-year-old seed is a dad
TreeHugger, March 28, 2015
Break out the cigars! Long the only lonely representative of its kind, the Judean palm in now reproducing and giving researchers a glimpse back in time.
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