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Eyes not required: The octopus can "see" light with its skin, scientists discover
TreeHugger, 1 hour ago
Nature blows our minds, once again.
Texas to Tesla: Get off my lawn...
TreeHugger, 1 hour ago
Lone star state is closed for business...
Portland takes a car lane and makes it a mile-long pop-up park
TreeHugger, 1 hour ago
Decades ago a prescient Portland mayor tore down a freeway to make a riverside park in the heart of Portland. Now transportation wonks are taking a traffic lane to expand that park with a pop-up ped and bike lane.
School cafeterias now offering compostable plates at mealtime
TreeHugger, 1 hour ago
Good news! An alliance of the largest school boards in the U.S. has opted to spend a bit more on compostable plates in order to cut down on waste.
Colombia considers unleashing caterpillar army to attack cocaine crops
TreeHugger, 1 hour ago
From the ''what could ever go wrong'' file.
Sustainable interior design highlights from ICFF
TreeHugger, 1 hour ago
Our favorite eco-friendly and ethical products from the 2015 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City.
Photo: Water drops collect like gems on dark green Indian cress leaves
TreeHugger, 1 hour ago
An example of "Lotus effect," a self-cleaning property of certain very water-repellant leaves.
Your `raw' almonds probably aren't raw
TreeHugger, 1 hour ago
By law, every commercially grown almond sold in the U.S. must be steam-treated or chemically fumigated. Who knew?
UNplug solar controller aims to help you take your fridge off the grid
TreeHugger, 1 hour ago
Where''s the middle ground between having a small solar charger for your gadgets, and having a rooftop solar array capable of powering your entire house? The UNplug might know.
Californian thieves have graduated from car stereos to 150 lbs Prius battery packs
TreeHugger, May 21, 2015
No electrocuted thief found yet...
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